Man in his 20s in Boston tests positive for coronavirus


A Boston man in his twenties has become the eighth confirmed case of coronavirus here in the United States health officials say he recently returned from Wuhan China is now being held in isolation as the operate worsens corresponded to Tasha chan reports that a coronavirus emergency has been declared foreign nationals who have been in mainland China and the last two weeks are temporarily banned from entering the U. S. then you have US citizens or lawful permanent residents and their immediate family if they have been near the epicenter of this outbreak and hold a province they are going to go through a fourteen day mandatory quarantine and that's the type of order that hasn't been seen in the US for about fifty years no delta American and United Airlines were all freezing or cutting direct flights from Beijing Shanghai and other Chinese cities the number of cases in China has recently reached twelve thousand with the death what with the death toll rising more than two fifty and while the focus has been on corona virus health officials say the flu is actually a much bigger threat here in the US okay what is John McDevitt report the CDC is out with his weekly flu update and the number of cases is on the rise we're now jumping back up it it's increased over the past two weeks that's K. one of use medical editor Dr Brian McDonough talking about the latest CDC numbers on influenza cases it's the flu and you should see your doctor and get tested because we have treatments that are available CDC says there been at least nineteen million flew Willis is a hundred and eighty thousand hospitalizations and ten thousand deaths from flu this sees what are the things that I find most exciting is the fact that we are now able to use social media and information spread across the internet to talk about the number of cases there are so is we get data we're getting real time data when the CDC gives us information it's much more of a reflection about what's happening in our community as well as other communities around the country after were done as as it's not too late to get a flu shot for

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