Kevin Nash Among Those Picked For the WWE Hall Of Fame


So we got hall Nash Hogan and Ex Pock going into the hall of fame in Twenty Twenty as the N. W. O.. All are already in Spin Your wacky and Batista is also going in and that leads to this person's question here. I find it weird that out of everyone that was in the N. W. O.. Only Hogan Hall Nash. And Chandra being inducted in the hall of fame might get the first three guys are important because they're the founders but sean being the only other one added his weird especially since guys like Diaz in big show joined before him. Listen really listen my friend. The hall of fame is a Gimmick. The hall of fame is a Gimmick television ratings and to get people to buy tickets. And you do that by presenting big stars and on top of that even if you consider this a real hall of fame which it's not yes. DB OSCE was in before xbox but was a manager who did nothing in one day just disappeared like there was nothing nothing hall of fame worthy about the end of the the big show was in there as in and out in and out in and out he turned fifty five times. Seems like the core of the group Shaan Waldman was a core of the group. He's actually one of the guys you think about when you think of the show as well more so than the big show but at the end of the it doesn't matter Shawn's available and they want the four guys all their. They want to sell tickets based on their names and Batista's name the fact that the announced everyone so far in advance tells me they probably weren't happy with how things went last year. So they're getting all these names out here now to sell a whole bunch of tickets and I'm sure that someday big show is going to go in as has the big show the pregnant. I want to do that when I and then later they can put him in with this faction that faction but I don't think it should over think who's going in they want and stars to be given rings that's it and obviously they got a quota so you can have a woman this year. You can have a legend this year you you can have whatever their pioneer wing is this year. I mean that's just the way things are going to go. It's a payday. It's a rang that later on. You can pawn if you need to you. You know that there's it's hey it's it's a celebration and it is what it is. So is Shawn Watson not in as a member of the X louden they deacs not lou the wwe hall of fame takes win last year. So shall Walkman in with that yes so there's a possibility now that he's in with the end of Yo that we can still. Oh get the one-two-three kid inducted into the hall of fame and Shaul Maltman can get into the hall of fame three times maybe we can give him some lightning kid as well tube. At least the one two three kid has got a chance to make it into the hall of fame. That's what you telling me. Yeah they're multiple people in Multiple Times. I'm sure that's what's the record. I want to see him. Go in. I mean could bury layers twice. He's probably go in three times. You may be in three times by now. I think he's only emphasize though we'll never run out of people people I know you think that we will because they have to bring in so many people. We've already ran out of Michael. No no we're repeating. Listen to me very dr so can make it in the repo man can make it in a demolition smash can make it in Who else was it? The Golfer could make it Mike. You're you're you're missing my point my putting in the a Golfer you've already ran at a people by putting people in twice you've already ran at a people. We ran out of people. The Madison Square Garden Ring. Bell is actually should be in the hall of fame. It's in my own personal hall of fame. That distinct Rengel should be in the hall of fame. That's the direction we're going with this thing actually is we're going to get nanometer objects objects into the hall of fame because we've already got gimmicks going in concepts like the end of your show groups I I guess that's how you're calling this but like why not just have random things things the gobbledygook egg could be in the hall of fame soon.

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