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Welcome to the frame Steven Cuevas filling in for John Horn our broadcast was preempted today for special coverage of the presidential impeachment proceedings. But we bring you this special podcast addition to talk about the screen actors Guild Award nominations which were announced today and what better person to call on John Horn. WHO's on assignment assignment in New York? Hey John Hey Steven how are you. Okay so let's start with the nominees for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role. What do we got so the nominees? He's were Christian. Bale from Ford versus Ferrari Leonardo di Caprio for once upon a time in Hollywood Adam driver from marriage story Joaquin Phoenix from joker car. And then probably the surprise in the category is turned Edgerton. Who Played Elton John and rocket man? If you start looking at who isn't in I think. Probably the most was notable exclusion as Robert Deniro for his lead role in the Irishman. He is getting a lifetime. Achievement Award Screen Actors Guild Award. So maybe that was part of the math but Jonathan Pryce was not nominated from two popes. Adam Sandler was not nominated from uncut gems and also left out of the competition was Antonio Banderas for pain and glory. Yeah it was a little surprised to see Bandera slept out you and I talked about that film and I think we agree that it was kind of career. Defining performance Let's move on to the lead actress. Category Who have their we have Cynthia Areso from? Harriet Scarlett Johansson from marriage story. The neon go from us. Charlie's therein Erin from bombshell and Renee Zellweger from Judy not a lot of surprises there. There were two women of color. The surprise I guess was that that search or Ronin was not nominated for little women some people thought Aquafina might have gotten in from the farewell. In fact little women did really badly today in the screen actors Guild L. Dominations and how about supporting role in the mail categories some pretty juicy performances. There are some really good pegues. Jamie Fox was nominated for Justice mercy. Tom Hanks Sup- Played Fred. Rogers and a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. A couple of actors from the Irishman Al Pacino. And Joe Patchy and then Brad Pitt from once upon a time in Hollywood I said earlier. Jonathan Pryce was not nominated for playing Pope Francis in the two popes. Anthony Hopkins was not nominated for playing Pope Benedict in the two popes as well and this is also one of those weird categories in terms of. WHO's supporting and WHO's lead? It's one of those things where the studios can kind of say to the screen actors guild and the academy and other words as we think. This person is a lead this person's supporting I mean. They're two popes are mostly onscreen for the the same time. And you have Brad Pitt. Who is up for supporting actor? Leonardo DiCaprio for lead actor and once upon a time in Hollywood. I think he put a stop. Watch on it Leo. Joe Might have like twenty seconds or screen time. I don't know it feels like that's kind of tricky. Math and Tom Hanks's probably star of a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Even though he shares there's Screen time with another character again. The studios got to decide of the actors. Don't vote somebody in that category than they don't get nominated yes. Some people might be especially puzzled by the Tom. Hanks category for him winding up in the supporting actor. Can you explain that a little bit like why why that is well. I think if you look at that that film you can say that even though. It's a movie about Fred Rogers. It's really about the journalist whose life is transformed by meeting with Fred Rogers and something similar happened. In the supporting actress. Category according to Variety Kathy Bates is in this film by Clint Eastwood. Call Richard Jewel rule and she's been getting some awards attention in the supporting actress. Category but according to Variety Warner brothers mistakenly submitted fitted her as a lead actress for the screen actors Guild Awards and she didn't get nominated and she didn't get nominated for supporting actress because they had submitted committed error in probably the wrong category. Well who else do we have in the category of supporting actress. Another pretty strong category. Laura dern from marriage stories Scarlett Johansson another nomination for Joe Joe Rabbit this time and then to actors from bombshell Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie and finally Jennifer Lopez from Hustler's right. We have so we have Scarlett Johansson nominated for both lead and supporting actress rare A little bit but you know pretty. Good Year for Scarlett Johansson. I don't think you can fault any of those performances. I think they were both really strong. And you know she's playing opposite. Visit Adam driver. Who was nominated for marriage story? Joe Joe Rabbit as we're GONNA say in just a second got a little bit more attention as well so both nominations. I'd say we're served in both. Were in really good films. Let's finish up with the outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. Is it true that this winter is often a predictor for the Academy Award Best Picture winner in historically. Yes that has been true but if you look at the last two best picture winner shape of water and green book they weren't even even nominated for the Sag Ensemble Award so yes. It is a good thing to be nominated for in terms of Academy Awards because it's important to note the actress. Branch ranch is the biggest branch in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So what the actors do in the screen actors. Guild awards is often a good harbinger of what the Oscar Asker voters might do. So the nominees for on Samba were bombshell. Which I think is a little bit of a surprise? Good news for that film. The Irishman Joe Joe Rabbit once upon a time time in Hollywood and the real surprise in this category was parasite which is a Korean film. It's only the second foreign language film in Sag History. The other one one was life is beautiful to get a nomination for the ensemble award. I think it's really important for parasite. I think it's interesting. THAT MARRIAGE BRIDGE STORY WASN'T NOMINATED FOR ENSEMBLE. Neither was little women and so all the power seemed to be going to parasite right now and I would have to say say once upon a time in Hollywood and the Irishman well there you have it this year's screen actors Guild Award nominations in the film category. John you may resume get your New York theatre going. Thank you Steve. And I'll go do it right now

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