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Garre. Call the angels are looking at Gerry. Cole the dodgers have been rumored to to be in on him. You know every team in baseball should be in on him. And now if you're looking for an ace nowadays Strasbourg grasp gone by the other guy that you could sort of. Talk yourself into Zack Wheeler. He's gone so you know it's sorta Garrett Cole Jin Ryu or bust if you're looking for real tub op ended a for anything better than the number three number four starter stuff and I think Boris's Maneuver Garret. Cullen a great position to get peace huge. Yeah and based on rumors that we're seeing right now. It seems possible that coal could be signing sometime soon. Possibly even at the winter meetings. But it's funny just how much this one signing boosts the expectations for coal signing. Because you know the day that Strasbourg Sign Jayson stark reported that there might be two eight hundred eighty million dollar deal out there for coal and people were buzzing about that. Wow Two hundred eighty million dollars now. It's Sorta seems like that's the floor for coal because if Strasbourg can get seven years at his age I mean he's more than two years older than coal is so first of all coca dream of a nine year contract which would clearly Lee pushing past three hundred million even if he were to settle for eight years. I mean if he got eight years and the same AV Strasbourg. That's two hundred at eighty million dollars right there and it sure seems like he could either get a longer deal or a higher average annual values so the odds of him lending as three hundred million dollar deal oh which seemed not completely out of the realm of possibility entering the offseason but still somewhat farfetched now that teams of not quite like a guarantee. But maybe where you set the over under or maybe even below his at the over under so. The numbers are getting enormous. I mean he's younger. He's better sure he's durable. He doesn't come with the same injury concern so he's clearly the better pitcher the better option in every way and given that Strasbourg just signed for this as much. You can kind of do the math and figure that Kohl's going to get a comedian. Look it even strasburger side. If David prices were seven to seventeen Karang cusworth Six to

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