Here's Why You Should Close the Lid Before You Flush

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Why use a close the lid before you flush three words toilet plume aerosols. I'm not talking about hairspray here. Toilet plume is the scientific term for germs. And fecal matter that spray up to fifteen feet in the air every time you flush rush and no. It's probably not gonNA kill you but yes it is pretty gross and fortunately a really easy thing to fix. Whenever it toilet flushes these aerosols crystals float into the air to spray toilet seats and led the floors and any nearby surfaces? Think towels. Wash cloths end. Yes toothbrushes says the spree. Ken Contain Scary. Things like Salmonella norovirus E-coli and other pathogens those bacteria could linger and keep bond spraying for a few flushes after an infected person uses the toilet and wants out of the toilet. Some of those germs could survive on counters and floors for weeks or even months in a letter to Jama a team of physicians reported the results of a very unlucky eight hour flight where eight of the fourteen crew members. I got sick with norovirus and had some issues in the airplanes bathroom. The team found that passengers developed norovirus symptoms in the days after the flight had also visited the bathroom significantly more than those who didn't get sick. So yes toilets break. Ken Certainly be harmful. Now it's important to note that the vast majority Jordy of microbes that end up in toilet aerosols are totally harmless. And to get sick. You'd have to not only ingest those microbes but ingest them in high enough numbers to actually caused infection. Still it isn't too hard to stop harmful bacteria from escaping the toilet just closed the lead. Science says it works when one twenty twelve study found that leaving the lid up led to twelve times as much dangerous. CD's bacteria in the air is. There was when the LID was down. Twelve Times Lynne's exist for a reason and it's not just to keep your pets from drinking the water in it there. Reason is to keep you safe and clean true. Sometimes that isn't an option like when you're in a public restroom with a toilet that doesn't have a lid in those cases. Just lean away from the bull when you flush and wash your hands right away and ends Mutebi. Cover your toothbrush at home just to be on the safe side. I'll try cody. I support this decision.

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