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This is Unorthodox University leading Jewish podcast. I'm your host Mark Oppenheimer Anaheim our joined this week by another host tablets senior writer. Liel Liebowitz hello to you you lying. Doug Face Pony soldier. Oh isn't that the greatest I word ever cody soldier. This Joe Biden thing I did not. Did you call someone a pony soldier. A very lovely moment. Ask them very innocuous question. He turned around and said No. You didn't you lying dog faced pony soldier. Wow then she was like what he's like. It's woman old. John Wayne move was like no. It's not every single John we you literally. It was big in Delaware that instead slander. That's slur was big in Delaware. The nineteen fifty. It was a pre talkie. That's got to the president just for the Retro Quality. Just just to take us back in time Lille and I are alone in the studio today. Stephanie has jury duty so it's just only al to celebrate. Celebrate the upcoming hog known to the gentiles. Valentine's Day is revelatory. Yeah that's right Ed. We will be speaking with some people who know something about Love Seduce today. They are among others. We're going to have the cast members of the web series soon by you about dating in the modern Orthodox world how carp when our favorite guests from the apology episode came to our live in Cincinnati to tell us a very very special story. And then if you like hearing US whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Buds wait until Oh you hear the lovely singing voices in our interview with cantorial student. Jacob Sandler yes he gets US singing. We really do put you in the Mood for love. This is love is in the air in twenty twenty s as the corona virus. But Hey you win some you lose so the the updates on our lives. Stephanie is currently only doing civic duty during jury duty somewhere in the five boroughs Stephanie was in Scotch Plains New Jersey having a great event there a few days ago Maybe we'll we'll get the update next week. Leo You're in the motherland right. I was in beautiful Israel. Why for my grandmother's one year as a memorial service? Yeah Had a chance to sit and study some Tomlin with my Gerke Hassett cousins. I dearly love and again you know. We're often kind of like you know funny about these matters here but every now and then I really do get the urge to be sincere when I sit with people who you would think we have absolutely nothing uncommon. But then you realize we are truly literally and metaphorically speaking family and when we get together that love that connection is completely puttable we have spent very a little time talking about the fact that you're related to Garros So how did these are first cousins of yourself. I Costa who went. Who Went Garrard in your family? My Grandmother's sisters Shula Married Girl Haas. Okay this is a particular sect of Hasidim. What is there? What's the What their vibe? Like what what makes Gerhardt's put it like this cafe after the memorial service writing grandmother. Someone was talking about a person who's become about Shuba who's found religion later in life and became a gir- haas acid and one of my cousins who is Haas it said really no one becomes Bolshevik becomes a hostage and I asked why not and my cousin said well. Because it's it's perfectly fine to be like a really religious Jew and not go all the way to where we are. Why would you ever do the house? We have no choice right. Mind way you ever come here. It's so interesting I don't have any Cassini blackadder's any Haredi in my family I have modern orthodox cousins in Israel whose parents my mother's first cousin hasn't her husband actually were leaders of the conservative movement in Israel but then there's not much of a conservative movement in Israel so if you grow up kind of conservative conservative acts like observant conservative but if you SORTA got a pick or are you going secular going modern Orthodox and they're you know they're orthodox but I don't know of anyone who's like got the hat and the beard. It's a great a crying. Shame you have Hasidic material written all over your basically and this is the thing that I I kind of realized this week. 'cause we were hanging we were talking and at some point. The conversation vacation got kind of really elevated. And then I thought you know moved to dial like three clicks to the right and we're talking about Cherry Garcia Right in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy right eating shrimps and the bus and the way to Monterrey. That's kind of the VIBE. Yeah really the essence of not just observing the strict strict interpretation of the law but really trying to find this motionless spiritual connect mystical court to it would love to. I WanNa hang with your gear custom in cousins or Greg. I had a slightly different experience but in its way no less mystical by the way while you're talking about Jerry Garcia on the bus. Were you on the conference call when I when we were all doing like a pre show Oh crap and Rebecca. My thirteen year old was in the car and she was saying Dad. Can you explain the the grateful dead to me which is a really deep question because you know I could say I mean. I think we'd been listening to uncle. John's John's Bander Casey Jones. Or something you've come on. Come on the playlist in the car and I could say well it's a it's a group from about nineteen sixty seven to nineteen. Ninety give is playing the debt side. But I could give you the Brownie right and you'll eat it thirty five minutes you'll understand everything about this man. I mean I. It's really hard to say because it's so much more than a band to six never made sense to me before I try them on. Meet cliche thing to say. One is a grateful dead. The second is tennis and attended attended. I'm like wait until you understand. 'em This is a great game. I just have to move my eleven right. I'm so into this now. I add my own mystical experience in Wia missing in Pennsylvania and a bunch of people came like they'd set up fifty chairs. Forty five of the chairs were were filled with super curious. Interesting people of all ages a young rabbi from Lebanon Pennsylvania brought his twenties and thirties. Group is like young singles of which there were five or six and they were super into it and they listen to the show and they wanted copies the book and it was magical. The Jewish Cultural Committee organizes their author series was three people. None of whom was is Jewish. Okay one of them was Nancy Russo. WHO's married to to Paul something? Jewish and Nancy is is Italian Catholic by upbringing. The main woman the director of cultural life for the Jewish nation is Amanda Hornberger. Whose husband is like something German Lutheran? She herself grew up. Congregational est she's on the vestry of her united the Church of Christ Congregational Church. I've always said that the congregation great out and there was a local librarian named John who grew up in Baltimore where he did sixteen years of Catholic school and then went off to college college. I mean literally none of these people even guys. Every time we meet a gentle on our show it turns out there a quarter Jewish. These people like zero Jew in them and yet they are keeping the Jewish heart beating y missing Pennsylvania. They were interested they were curious they're booking good authors. They're running great programs. The people they bring in Inter asking smart questions Jews by choice we had a convert. who showed up a Sherry came and said thank you for your your help on my journey? The podcast has been meaningful to me. gentile L. spouses of Jews. Why a missing? Pennsylvania was among the greatest afternoons of my life is how it ought to be how it ought to be. Whatever New York like fucking fucking A.? Y. A. Missing Pennsylvania it there. Are Jews starve reading. The News starts reading this and I want to see even today do an event at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. And you'll get fifty fifty three people and I go to why missing and get forty and in town. That's probably like twelve thousand people get numbers you get. People are truly engaged truly engaged and so grateful full end their listeners and the ones who aren't listeners could become listeners I it was it was magical. Speaking of Magic Amazon is somehow making the Nazis disappear in news to the Jews. This this week we learned from the New York Times about that Amazon is and I quote quietly canceling its Nazis over the past eighteen months. The retailer has removed books by David. Duke a former the leader of the Ku Klux Klan as well as several titles by George Lincoln Rockwell founder of the American Nazi Party Amazon also prohibited volumes like the ruling elite the Zionist seizure of world power and and history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind from its virtual shelves. What are we think of Amazon? Taking strong hand Nazi literature out of its store. You're I'm not down with it. I'm not either tell you. Because here's the thing. Once you at a major conglomerates start making judgment calls about what is and is is not permissible for its captive audience to read. I think you're sorta screwed actually kind of a free speech absolutist in this way like yes I want everyone three David Duke Doc if only because once you do unless you're total frigging maniacal moron. You'd understand that this is absolute drivel. Actually want like free copies and like every this show be like. Hey guys here you go and try to get your way through mine com- If you can't get twelve pages into it. It's the most boring stuff you'll ever find. The beginning is funny. The middle sags the characterization gets gets a little thin toward the ad still never figured out how it ended. I never read it. No but really like do I really want Amazon making this call them. Why not the next up being like well you know This type of ideology is also quite offensive to us in history is in the type of thing we want people to read. You can imagine agenda that you can imagine where it goes very quickly to Jews in the Middle East or Zionist saying. We don't WanNa read you know the Hamas Charter and Palestinian activists saying we don't want to read. This spoke about the founding of Israel. I mean it's all of a sudden you've a lot of people who authentically believe that they are keeping genocidal literature out of the hands of other people saying what people can and cannot read and you add in the fact that Amazon really does have a kind of monopoly power. What we're reading? Yeah and find the these days of elsewhere.

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