Michigan man stuck at sea on cruise ship due to coronavirus concerns


The corona virus as a letter we county man and his family now stuck in a cruise ship in the Pacific reached by phone near Vietnam Steve moose says they've been stuck on Holland America's western dam since February first when they they left left Hong Hong Kong Kong you you talk talk with with double double double double Jay's Jay's rob rob say say Mary Mary so so what's what's happened happened essentially essentially from from the the beginning beginning of of the the cruises cruises a a report report is is rejected rejected us us we we did did get get one one day day and and Kowloon Kowloon and Taiwan unfortunately they asked us to leave a day early that report after that does not allow this to dock putting one arm which you may notice American protector territory they will let us come in either that was disappointing we have almost seven hundred Americans on the ship in terms of this they have they found any cases on the ship or they just like overly cautious no none whatsoever basically what they've done when we started the trip they did a fairly good vetting process questioner detail they didn't allow anybody on the ship that was from mainland China they ask questions what women are people were ill etcetera there are no known cases of the virus you're on the ship as far as anybody knows at this point as for the trip to my understanding this was supposed to be an enjoyable celebratory vacation has it been even though you have been able to go to the sports no not really I mean I've got a lot of history cruising you know ideally the did your years going to the porch right going to places like Japan and Korea it cetera so it's not been miserable look at me wrong this is a very nice cruise ship in the the crew and staff intends to nominal they've done a really good job the company's done very good as well so but it's not quite is what we were looking for right we're hoping gets to supports many discussion from the company that maybe they might be able to help you out in the future with that give you guys another run at this yeah no actually a full refund what I understand full refund on current cruise plus an equitable cruise for free in the future so and possible help with flights back home they're being very generous that's my take as for this do you know where you're going to end up in how it's going to wrap up well my hope as well right now it looks like Thailand on Thursday if things go well if they don't go well then you'll be hearing from me off the ocean somewhere else maybe heading towards Europe India who knows it's hard to say give him the day I will be back and arms that within a week and said Michigan of course yeah is there anything you want to add that maybe I've got to ask you about so when it comes to this and I guess exercise into the plant they cation or I'm sorry laugh eight now what eight you know what I I grew up in the state of Michigan I grew up in Oakland county I don't know if you're familiar with it Bloomfield township and I came back for a reason and so you know for me coming back to the state of Michigan is coming home and my family knows that none of course having been born a race like I wish your anyway yeah I'd I'd rather be back you're doing snow in winter rob frankly then sitting in a cabin right now so I'm looking forward to getting on to that's vacationer Steve moves stuck on board the cruise ship near Vietnam talking with newsradio nine fifties rob say merry

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