Trump is creating a task force on missing and murdered Native American women. President Fawn Sharp, Tribal Leaders meet in Washington to address climate change. SD Supreme Court Weighs State Cops' Jurisdiction In Indian Country.


This is national native news on Tony. Al Gonzales in January two thousand seventeen to agents from the South Dakota Division of criminal whole investigation went onto the Pine Ridge reservation to investigate a crime committed off the reservation. They were accompanied by a bureau of Indian affairs. Agent and one of the state agents spoke with the suspect as six circuit state judge throughout the statement saying D. C.. I lacked authority in Indian country. Now the South South Dakota Supreme Court will decide the issue before the case continues Victoria. Wicks reports Morgan Cummings was eighteen years old when agent Dane Rasmussen knocked on his door and asked to speak with him. Cummings made statements about the Crimes Rasmussen was investigating and was eventually charged and prosecuted leading up to the trial. The defense attorney asks that coming statements be suppressed and the trial judge agreed. The state appealed that decision during oral arguments assistant attorney general. Stacey Hegi says Rasmussen employed a knock and talk method of making contact with Cummings something any ordinary citizen has the implied license to do Hegi says as the trial judge aired by considering agent Rasmussen to be a law enforcement officer rather than a member of the public the defense says Rasmussen and the other agent agent were acting as law officers when they arrived in police cars and questioned a suspect attorney. Terry Pagoda says the only way to right. The wrong is to suppress coming statement and we cannot dispute the fact that at the time that this occurred state law was that they did not have any jurisdiction in Indian country. You can collar. Aw knocking implied license. Whatever the state calls it it doesn't make any difference? They did not have any Saudi. They're put iota says there is no justification for the agent's actions even if they didn't know they were acting contrary to law as the state suggests for National Native News. I'm I'm Victoria. Wicks in rapid city South Dakota tribal leaders from across the country are in Washington. DC This week discussing priorities at the National Congress of American Indians Winter Session Ncaa. I president font sharp delivered the state of Indian nations earlier this week which included a focus on climate change. Von Golden has more. The president's sharp did not hold back calling out federal lawmakers on what she others see as inaction on climate change when it comes to climate change and sustaining humanity on this planet. We have no time left to lose and yet our government is nowhere to be found. She said her home in Washington. State the Quin autonation. autonation has already been forced to higher ground from sea level rise and other attendees at her address are feeling the effects to Sam. Schimmel grew up on Saint Lawrence Orange Island off the coast of Alaska. You're watching language disappearing as a result of weather patterns. You're seeing changes in weather meaning that traditional practices aren't able to be pursued food and that's something that is having severe negative effects on the mental health and wellbeing of tribal communities across Alaska across the US Schimmel Schimmel. He's only nineteen years old but he participates in. NCAA is Climate Action Task Force. And he's been a regular in lawmakers offices over the issue in Washington Yvonne Golden National Native News President Trump's task force on missing a murdered American Indians and Alaskan natives is holding a tribal listening session Wednesday in in Washington. DC as leaders are in the area for the National Congress of American Indian session. The task force's reviewing cold cases and seeking ways to improve investigations and and information sharing when it comes to missing persons cases some native women's advocates and Congresswoman deb Holland are critical of the task force for its lack of tribal leaders and community members. The seven members are all from federal agencies. I'm Antonio Gonzales.

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