Trump fires key impeachment witnesses Sondland, Lt. Col. Vindman in purge


Yesterday security officers escorted lieutenant colonel Alexander women out of the White House his twin brother also won the national security staff was escorted out at the same time and then it was turned for Gordon Sunland no escort for him though ambassador Sunland issued a statement thanking the president for the opportunity to serve as US ambassador to the European Union both in minutes Tomlin provided damaging testimony about the president's pressure campaign on Ukraine last fall during the house impeachment enquiring and after their dismissals many people wonder who might be next we're joined now by amperes Whitehouse correspondent Franco Oregonians Franco thanks so much for being with us thank you remind us about the testimony how damaging well women oversaw American policy toward Ukraine on the National Security Council he actually listened in on president trump's July twenty fifth call with Ukraine president Vladimir is a Lansky he testified that he had no doubt that trump was demanding that Ukraine investigate former vice president Joe Biden in return for an oval office visit he also said that relations between the United States and Ukraine were damaged as a result and he struck quite a figure on television testifying being there in his dress uniform you know I do want to note that both then man and his brother were moved back to the army and ambassador some well son one was one of the quote three Amigos who worked with Rudy Giuliani the president's lawyer on Ukraine policy they worked outside the normal foreign policy channels was there a quid pro quo as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call in the White House meeting the answer is yes he famously also said that everyone was in the loop but his comments were also used by Republicans to defend trump Sunland said at one point that trump told him that he wanted nothing from Ukraine and no quid pro quo Franco is is retaliation or the president making as is his right personnel changes well you know we saw president trump celebrating his acquittal this week he was clearly angry and even spoke about van man and his brother with disdain you know his press secretary Stephanie Grisham said people should be held accountable for doing things that hurt this country and the president I asked John Gans about this he wrote a book on the NSC called White House warriors he said it's clear trump knew people were watching had he done this last week it could have been held against him but now feels unleashed by the acquittal in one of these three people gone service was repressed so that is something that they all knew going into these jobs but it is still shocking to see sort of personal animus of personal retribution plaque out and the peers to be with these three public servants it's not a surprise that democratic leaders like house speaker Nancy Pelosi and senator Chuck Schumer our outrage they are calling this shameful and they're calling trump weak and Frank are there are other career civil servants who testified in the inquire re do they still have their jobs well there have been a flood of people who have already left they include US ambassadors who worked in Ukraine such as Maria von of H. and William Taylor but there are still seven career officials who are still in their jobs my colleagues and I we reached out to their attorneys last night and to this moment there are no changes to report

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