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Massachusetts man with crossbow accidentally kills neighbor being attacked by pit bulls


Is it is apartment did something to kick off the dogs dogs come after two of them okay so the neighbor was standing at the bottom of his stare cakes the people her mall and the guy the attack to person Joshua was behind the door he if they were they were he was hiding yeah what when you yeah what no he was playing the piano while the pit bulls were chewing on a we mean it was high used yeah turning the temples were actively on him at the moment he was confused before right now they don't understand well if you tell the story right the first for for it's going to be a very cold night it's not like I'm a fireplace so that the neighbor the the good Samaritan is trying to take care of this guy he takes issue just crossbows hunting crossbow not a not a toy but a you know Jenny wind three hundred and fifty four and twenty feet per second crossbow he shot and hit the dog in the scruff of the neck dog died but the crossbow eros called a bolt according to the newspaper the bolt went through the door it killed the guy the end of the pit bulls

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Massachusetts man with crossbow accidentally kills neighbor being attacked by pit bulls

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