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We both got a really good time because we were both chasing each other was was really funny and I felt really bad for the guy. He ended up not making it even to the next day because he did become a heat casualty and he blamed it on me because he said the reason why he pushed so hard is not only. Do you WANNA finish. But he couldn't be beaten by a woman the really cool thing about it though is it's really hot so you they cut these fifty five gallon drums in half and they sent him on stilts on their side and they fill the range instructors film with big ice blocks and water. So when you're done with us to lower your body temperature you're supposed to put your hands your forearms in the water. I guess it's a way to really quickly. Cool your body. Audie down some dying. Because I ran a lot faster than I should have. So not only do I put my arms in there I also please. Don't judge me. I put my head in there. It's really nasty. So I'm sitting there in the water with my forehead or with my forehead and forums in the water and I'm trying to. I'm trying to cool down. And then I hear a really creepy voice. This guy who's right next to me with his hands in the water. He's like cast her. I'm sorry so he said he whispered in my ear now ranger school students aren't supposed to be talking to each other so this guy is leaning over in whispering bring in my ear and I think it's creepy as hell and he's just saying I'm sorry and finally I can't keep my cool anymore. Dude what's up. He's like. I'm sorry. Sorry I'm sorry for all the things I ever said about you that you'll never hear and you'll never know when I heard about women coming in the school I thought thought they don't belong there and you just kicked my ass in a road march and I thought wow I changed his opinion and his name's James King James. We ended up being really good friends. He and I actually went out the door together that day I had my little meltdown in the air but he's an SF medic. He's been hard charter his whole military career and he thought I could never work with women but his opinion quickly changed and he asked me. He's like how can you do this. How can you be out here with US doing what you're doing? How come you're not falling behind? You know in in the real army the women already always in the rear and they've lost their gear and they can't and hold their own stuff and I said man I was built for this. Don't judge everyone my wife's pretty tough. She couldn't do this and I looked at him. Straight knee is and said. Yeah women like me. Wouldn't marry midnight you this podcast is brought to you by dropbox. dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform. That's transforming the way people teams worked together as a strategic partner. Owner dropbox is working with deals to imagine the work experience building new solutions eliminate disruption and help teams collaborate across sales service marketing commerce first and more learn more at dropbox dot com next next time on blazing trails where deep diving into sustainability. We'll explore with the latest changes are take a look at preserving our oceans leading experts and a whole lot more. Thank you for joining us on blazing trails. Be Sure to subscribe on Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts and keep up with exclusive content from trailblazers around the world..

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