Our Top 10 Films of 2019



Last week on the show we focused on our out liar pixies or movies that were unique to our individual top ten list this week. It's what we're calling the consensus picks though as you'll hear in a moment a little bit of a misnomer because these things can never just line up perfectly. We do want to quickly recap the the movies we talked about last week on the show Tasha. You're the big winner with five movies as outliers. You were the only one who loved these movies that much which is to say. Some of US didn't appreciate these films but we didn't appreciate him quite as much as you did. Those titles were I did not realize I was winning but I will take this win They were wild rose the drama about the Scottish woman who wants to be a country and western singer. I lost my body. The French animated drama about a severed hand. Making its way through Paris Chris. The Documentary Hail Satan about the rise of the political group the Satanic Temple. Honey boy the style of movie where he plays his own father and tells his own. The story and the nightingale a harrowing rape revenge drama from Jennifer Kent Director of the Obama Duke tied for second place. Michael and Josh Michael Will Start with you. Four titles else that were outlined four titles ashes pure swathes Uson case great gangster film one child nation a terrific documentary About a filmmaker who goes back to her home village in China to explore the consequences of the government's one child policy that affected everybody in her family and her village waves the drama Rahmah from trae Edwards Scholtz his third feature and a great streak of threes on NFL. Nobody saw nobody knows present. Perfect from school of the the art institute graduate and it's a wonderful Colli picture of about a youtube stars in China and just come into the lives we learn about through all this phone footage Josh. You're foreign. I had Clerides highlife. Joanna Hogg's the Souvenir Takeaway. TD's Joe Joe. Rabbit and Pedro Element over Spain and glory so my top ten list. Apparently very boring and predictable. I only had three outliers. Safdie brothers Uncut Gems starring. Adam Sandler. Her was my number nine choice. Alex Perry's her smell starring Elizabeth Moss one of the best performances by an actress. This year I think was my number seven choice and I had James. Gray's Astra Astra starring Brad Pitt at number six.

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