19 Horror Movies Based on True Stories


Nineteen horror movies that are based on true stories that are smaller so disturbing that they made movies at all good how some of these movies I've never heard of and and I don't know if they're not some of them are not horror movies in the sense of being supernatural they are of like murder stories number one on the list no I don't I don't think these were it ranked in our in the order of you know probably not ten Rillington place have you ever heard of this movie I have not nineteen seventy one based on the real life murderer John Christie who killed several women including his wife and hit their bodies in the garden in England and the the net the address of the house was a ten Rillington place and the movie was actually filmed a few doors away from the real wall ten Rillington place number two this one we've heard of the exorcism of Emily rose yes now remember this movie coming out in two thousand five I don't touch based on actual events he said that's what they said and I and I guess it was pretty scary that is based very loosely on the story of Annelies Michelle number three compliance this is a movie from twenty twelve because I feel like not very many people know about this movie it's based on true events in the reality of story was even worse because a lot of the victims in real life were between the ages of fourteen and sixteen it shows how common how much common sense people lack but also how much people will do for the Florida it is a difficult movie to watch it's called compliance it doesn't say what the story is it doesn't that's not helpful number four I saw this movie and I said at the time no one should ever see this movie Henry portrait of a serial killer yeah I watched it once it came out in nineteen eighty six I'm curious to see it again yeah given all this time at the time I saw it it was so brutally real that it was just a just terrifying and it's a stars what's his name Merle from walking dead now you know and from the us crazy and from the here why can I recall is named muse guardian flight Mike that's it so it's Michael Rooker as a young man they just call a broker playing this a serial killer and he's terrified no he's be scary just himself he is in real life he bought but this is the it was a terrifying movie as I recall something called hounds of love in twenty sixteen an Australian horror movie it is based on actual events they should explain what the events okay I can I can I'll tell you but it's so I didn't want to read this one because I remember her own you know okay at the two twenty sixteen Australian horror movie that follows a teen girl named Vicky issues held captive by a couple and must drive a wedge between the two to escape it's based on the more house murders committed by David and Catherine Bernie who adopted raped and killed for women in nineteen eighty six I saw this movie now I think about it it was a Sunday answer slam dance moves and we're and we're if I was given a screen or other than I thought and it was horrifically psycho course we all know Matt's based loosely on a real story Annabelle we haunted doll it is this is the first time I found out about that Anna but was a real doll and was actually a raggedy Ann doll with giant regularly and all is a huge it's now in a in a haunted museum walk in a glass box where it's safe and can't hurt anybody so so too often at all that was really haunted that's what this number number eight nineteen ninety one the haunted a made for TV movie based on things that happen to the small rural family well they were just asking for Beyonce moral smile this movie I've heard of it's not something I ever want to see it's call borderland and directed in two thousand seven and it's up it's bright it's a movie based on a real guy off I'll go full because found so who was a self proclaimed witch doctor who work with the Mexican drug cartels in the eighties while he killed American coed to cross the border as a hobby yeah I'll pass on that was a hobby the girl next door from nineteen from two thousand seven again a torture movie lot of these are like that but but based on a real you know that one no I I'm not saying it on real life experience of Sylvia likens parents left turn her little sister to be taken care of by a woman who would eventually torture and murder back country in twenty fourteen story of a couple went camping in the woods and well you know you know what happens well it was a bear yeah all but it was kind of a supernatural bear extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile rough Ted Bundy Ted Bundy twenty nineteen wolf creek yeah five I don't know that movie inspired by real events the strangers of that adds a creepy movie in two thousand eight it's about a big cabin in the woods a close to a town where it's called the caddy cabin murders in and the town that dreaded sundown another it's so guy wears a bag on his head like the elephant man a slasher movie the Amityville horror which I never thought was scary them the Mothman prophecies allegedly based on which I remember as a real legend and use those two words together which I remember seeing and it was really creepy and then finally this one I I was I was shocked to find that the hills have eyes a real actually based on a real story based on the Sony beam clan who lived in the cave in Scotland in the sixteenth century for over twenty five years they would robin cannibalize local villagers at night they were said to have murdered and eaten over a

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