FDA bans some vaping products, including fruit and mint flavors

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FDA is banning most flavored vaping keeping products CNBC reports companies only have thirty days from now to stop the distribution of most fruit and mint flavors. Pretty much any flavor that is not tobacco or Menthol will be pulled off shelves the reason those flavors are popular with teenagers. Remember the use of e cigarettes is now considered an epidemic among teens so this is an effort to curb that problem on the tobacco and Menthol flavored pods will still be available. They're considered less appealing to kids and are more targeted to adults. Who Want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes now this? This ban is a little less strict than some people had in mind. The flavors ban only applies to e cigarettes that use pre filled nicotine cartridges. NBC News reports of adults want the flavored products products. They can still fill their pods up manually

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