What do do about black knot disease on my plum trees?


Successful growers for generations so. Tom said it's a question and Tom Wants to know. What is the best way to treat black not on a Stanley? Plumtree sit down. I don't have any good news for you You can start when you first see black like not. You can cut off alcohol at the smaller branches twigs and so on well first of all what is black. Not It is a disease of Oh boy a viral if I remember right or might be bacterial. I'm not sure which either way it gets into that whole family of plants. Okay most especially the plum types and can literally take the plant from a good looking beautiful thing down to stubs and nubs and then finally uncut flat to the ground. It is unstoppable in my my recall on reading about it and I have tried for clients in years past first of all. If you attack that disease which is due dip the pruder's or saw into alcohol then saw off several inches away from the black not back toward trunk or twigs et Cetera. And then and before you make a second cut definitely dip it again so that you don't move it from place to place. It apparently is airborne. I'm not sure all the details on it. I'd have to talk to my path a lot. Path Thala gist friends. Not Pathological friends. Path holidays okay. Careful there fred. But but in any event it gets into the tissue You the black not part is as this. I'll call it sticky. ooh comes out. It picks up the fungi that turns it black and therefore the name if I understand correctly but in any event you can Dan. If you find it as a young on a young plant out on the twigs you can remove them but be sure to dip the alcohol et Cetera in between cuts cuts. And then you just keep cutting away for the first three years or whatever and he eventually when you get tired of looking at the stubs you oh you just go ahead and take it down now. It does not seem translocate from that tree on your property to a Nutri I would not not plant in the same spot but it. It's one of those plants that I call renewable. I have had a variety of plum on property. purplish leaves beautiful the thing Ten by ten when finished growing but then when it finished growing by my soul cut it was a stem of probably three and a half or more inches in diameter. The plant was probably twelve tall. Twelve Wide Beautiful Pink Flowers purple foliage and so on but it just eventually goes away then I I would be brave enough or foolish enough whichever to go ahead and plant a second one in the near area so that I took those same attractions on but and the plant would be probably save for a number of years and then you'd have to repeat the whole process again so if you if you were to repeat it be be cautious and know that it's going going to end up dying again from the same thing but it won't be a quick death now Stanley Plum. Okay I guess is very susceptible to black. Not Now I. I don't get into the varieties of fruiting trees but Stanley do no and it is I if I remember right. It's a green leaf plant Atlanta and heavy bearing good fruit all those positive

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