Brexit is finally happening

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In Britain we are about to go through a psychological millstone milestone that sorry hold back judgment on. Which of those was the misprint? which the next bill say hundred years? Recall this episode with the benefit of Hindsight Yes tomorrow tomorrow eleven. PM We'll leaving the European Union in Everything apart from practicality which will take a little while longer longer? England Britain Britain. We'll be free to cover a new distinctively English. Br British Identity around the country will be hanging up the invisible bunting and also yes and A New Dole will don't as dunes so often do I'm very exciting times for too long. Lists nation has been crumpled crushed under the oppressive quadruplet European yoke of peace stability cooperation and prosperity. But no more we'll be free as Well I mean on welcome outsiders as you are about to become tomorrow Well I'm going to mark mark the occasion. Well I'm just GONNA jet pack off the nation that's my plan is to step sockets to my back and shoot myself at the moon gas. I'm going to have a panel resigned and probably a double Mocatta Roy and then Probably just eat some eat. Some pizza enjoy that while still going. Well there's a real jailable offensive. Essentially I know I'm going to get out. Before Roy four and then of course comes Saturday here X. Baynes enticed and base. Yes you me. I've never tried it with pays better. Get better get used to it now. Well pays the beans of the British. Now everything is very very philosophical. I mean the thing is whatever it was that people wanted Brexit for and frankly I can remember no one really knows There's probably some good reasons. Some good reasons names were on both sides. But I'm pretty sure what it was was the frame to flow national infrastructural for the Chinese instead of the French. And and then at least that that we will that we will definitely have to touch on. They've got the increase freedom. Why fives all around who are way Is Who Ali. I mean that's very opposite question moment. we'll be enjoying increased freedom this time next week The increased freedom of having fewer rights More restricts opportunities for work travel study fewer chances to vote unless representation for those votes and all the time that we used a waste making. Those decisions is now freed up To do free things and be more productive freely Traditional British things like building ourselves and access skeleton of Waterland Door Dong of scurvy which I think drew desmond freestyle. Hinging Europe has been touchingly fond. Farewell the President of the European Commission Ursula von Der Land quoted the great British nineteenth century novelist. George Elliott's who wrote only the agony of partying. Do we look into the depths of Love Roth. It was George George Benson. I'm not sure I'm GONNA say the Nineteenth Century Literature or nine thousand nine hundred eighty so that kind of sense. What is it like how Niger? Hi Joe Faraj was quoting the twentieth century Novelist Spice Goes During his campaign going to tell you what I want what really really wants one is never everyone was that mainly. Yeah that's why we don't delay and continued. We will always love you and we will never be far away. I mean that sounds a little bit story a lot stalker though I mean I I feel like it's a generous move on behalf of the of the e U to uh leave the door as it. Were metaphorically open for the return of of Britain into the woman brace of Europe. But I have the feeling that it's being said in the spirit of kind and smug chuckling behind the like when you when you come crawling when you run away from home when you're sick and your parents are like well we'll keep do you know we'll set the table for you. It has that slight vibe to it but then many kids run away from home when the six end upcoming young hugely successful entrepreneurs so maybe a fact I mean look at what is what is done is what's done right and if by what's done you mean what has now just begun a incredibly long process. That will be arguing about for the next thirty years I am interested to see how it plays out as somebody who has literally no skin in the game

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