Entering the 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy


Yeah we've got lots to talk about about what's been taking place but I think the place that I want to start is how this trimester started which which is with a baby shower which was literally at twelve. Just after the start of trimester three it was at thirty weeks. We had a beautiful baby. Shower put on in by. My Mom. Jesse's MOM Jesse's aunt and future sister-in-law were all part of this and they are such an amazing team. Just how amazing was the shower. You're all it was perfect and the interesting thing too. Is that this group arranged the decorating for our wedding and for your wedding shower and now the baby aby shower so there's been a real consistency with the look and feel of each of these milestone events in our life. Yeah well a lot of it is. Diy they all Are Very crafty very artistic and they do everything from scratch like all the things that are hanging in the banners and everything's very rustic Artsy Z.. So the decor was amazing and beautiful and so me. The theme was kind of a tea party which was perfect. It was an afternoon tea party and it was a great opportunity to you. See Friends and family celebrate me and the baby and Jesse and obviously it was a great way to get some gifts of things that we need. And because Jesse and I are first first time parents. We don't have any siblings. That have kids. Were the first in the family. So there's not really a lot of ham down coming our way. We decided that we need a lot of stuff and having to be a great way to do that so we were very lucky. We're very grateful for all the beautiful gifts that we got and we are well stocked up. There was a couple of interesting things that we took on with the shower. One being that instead of cards we decided that people would bring a book their favorite kids book doc and right inside it as if it were the card so we actually in the nurse three three or four bookshelves floating ones put up by the crib. And and we've now got those loaded. In more of all these amazing books that have been vetted and curated by our family and friends which is just amazing and Marnie. I've actually been periodically reading these in bed at night to the baby and yeah it's just so much fun. I can't wait taxi. Read it when the baby abuser side to the little one. Yeah just so excited. I have to comment actually help finding some of these books are. They're so cute. I don't think I've ever read like newborn early early early. Baby Bucks to like some pages one word on it or it's like rough or or they're so cute they make me laugh. It's quite about the picture. It's about time times and the story is a little bit short grain. There are a lot of fun over so grateful though we have literally enough books to carry through till five years of this child being and alive. So we've got lots of education and lots of beautiful presence as they said and things that are very functional that we've put into place in our home. Yeah we're very grateful. We got a really good start to this baby's life. Yeah we really WANNA put out there thank you for all the generosity from family and friends and we were embraced with love and warmth and yeah we just got so much incredible stuff so thank you guys and we even got a couple of gifts from some of our listeners. So we just want to thank those of you. Who took the time to send in a gift for tab so kind? Thank you so much something else. I wanted to mention too that we did actually actually in trimester to was a photo shoot Jesse and I wanted to capture the moment of my belly bump and and you know I was going through this phase together and how special it is and because it was fall and trimester to. We figured that was a beautiful opportunity to get some photos done. And it's great. It's great to have them printed. We've been using them on. Social media is just so nice to look back at them between me Jesse the baby and go. Gee We have some beautiful photography so for those of you who are going through pregnancy. I highly recommend booking a photo. Shoot either in your second trimester in the late trimester or in Trimester Mr Three depending on the weather for us. It's winter mostly trimester three so we wanted to have an outside photo shoot. That wouldn't work so well but yeah. This is something that I highly recommend you do as a couple. Yeah we had a lot of fun with it and it's interesting because we did do it early on but that day in particular while we're by the water for once I think think that influenced the temperature but that day was frigid cold and obviously we don't WanNa have like our coats on for every picture tooks gloves but we had. I had a fun time. Go Gee was there like Marty mentioned and we're just so grateful. We took the time to do that. And I think it's really important to capture a lot of images during your pregnancy anyway anyways like whether it's on your instagram or just for your own use you're gonNA WANNA look back on those and see the growth of your belly to see changes in your body and you. You don't WanNa miss out on that. I've spoken to a few people who regret not taking enough pictures during their pregnancy. And something that I've done over on my instagram account. If you do happen to follow me. It's at Marnie Wasserman. Every single week and for me. The weeks change on Wednesday and every Wednesday. We've been posting picture ever since week. Fourteen of the size of the baby in a fruit or vegetable or some food item. And it's mostly been fruits and vegetables and it's been really cool. Jesse's been awesome at being the photographer for these. We've been really creative around our a home and outside to capture these and I just love having it as a little story book and a Memory Bank for me to look back on just to see the progression of the pregnancy. I think it would be really fun because these turned out so well to collect them put them all together a little tiles and frame it and maybe put that in the baby's room just thinking talking of as as we're talking here but yeah it's been really fun to be creative each and every week and try and figure out a different setup and pick from the different fruit and vegetable options. So we've had a a lot of fun with it. So speaking of which this week I think baby is the size of or the length of a leak. I think that's what we're coming up on at thirty eight weeks six. And Yeah just in terms of my body changing over the last trimester. It's been interesting the baby's still growing and I'm definitely my belly is getting bigger. But it hasn't been as much of a difference as the second trimester when she say jazz like Second Trimester. It's like Whoa all of a sudden my belly just came out of nowhere and now it's like slow growing. Yeah I noticed that you notice it. But it's hard to see the difference. Yeah it's not as dramatic for share but I guess every week when we go now to our midwife appointment and they take the measurement tournament we are seeing that growth. But it's like all of a sudden you go from nothing to showing that bomb. It's really yeah dramatic. And then now it's more subtle but we are seeing it through the measurements because the measurements. Actually line up to the week. So yeah the funnel height of the baby matches up typically to the week which which is really cool. So the baby's been moving lots throughout this entire trimester. Lots of wiggling lots of jobs. Lots of pokes we we sit and sometimes watch my belly during the day or at night because this baby is very very active. It's not just one time a day. It's all day long and it's been really cool just to try and figure out the body parts. I've been trying to do a little. Bit of belly mapping which is something you can look into that. There is a way technique to try and figure out where exactly exactly the baby's position although this can change but it is kind of cool just to see where the feeder where the back is where the head is and often. I know where the head is because it's hiccuping and I can feel it down in my lower abdomen and I feel these hiccups and it's just it's really cool. That's always superfund when Jessie Mary feeling the hiccups at and a little bit of a hint tour. We're GONNA get into later. We actually have some definitive imaging to show the position of the baby. And there's a story behind that we're going to get into a little. Oh Bet but yeah. It's been really fun to watch. The movements feel the movements and we've tried to capture the movements because they are so dramatic now at the end of pregnancy we tried to take video and capture. But I don't think it's really translating that. Well 'cause we just want to have that memory to be able to go back and and look at that someday so luckily were slowing down and being present and embracing in the moment if the video doesn't work which it looks like it's not but it's been fun to try and capture especially for my parents who aren't aren't here and they're living in Toronto so they are not really getting to see me and my belly often so be so cool for them to see the movement but as he said it so hard to capture so we can only describe it and hopefully they'll see it soon will since we're talking about the baby's positioning. We'll just get into something that came up during this trimester. That was kind of unexpected which was at around week thirty two we were at amid with a point and they were feeling around and they were like we have no idea what position. This baby's end we just. I can't figure it out I'm like I don't understand. I feel the hiccups down low so to me it seems like the head is down but they were really unsure so they kind of have left it and left me feeling that this baby was in a frank breach which is the position where the bum is down. The legs are up and the head is up. So it's kind of this really awkward position but again Jesse and I were like all right. This is kind of weird. This is right before the holidays and I was a little uncomfortable with that information formation and because it was the holidays there is going to be a time lag between when we saw the midwives again so being proactive. People that Jesse and I are we got on top of it. We started doing research. I I had heard about a website and a resource called spinning babies and I was looking into a trying to figure out that these are the exercise I need to do just in case. His baby needs to flip but I wanted a second opinion so we went to a chiropractor that specializes in the webster technique which is a procedure that helps loosen the MOMS ligaments in her legs to encourage the baby to have room. They're not actually doing any manipulation on the baby. It's just strictly on the mom to help the process so we went and had that done and she also confirmed that the baby was not head down at that time this was at thirty two weeks and she was like okay but we can do

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