A Spy in the Desert


So this I'm joined in my studio right now. By the most vigilant defender of Knightdale end of literature. Please welcome to the air. Sixteen year old to Mika. Flynn hi no. You must be learned that. There's a dangerous spy spy on the loose. Of course it's not safe to have an interloper learning our secret. What could they learn? That would hurt us. Oh lots of stuff. What if they start uncovering covering all the plot twists of our favorite novels like murder on the Orient Express? Agatha Christie's brilliant who done it. What if they read ahead and learned that the murderer murderer turns out spoilers? I'm just teasing. That book doesn't doesn't even have an ending. It's the only murder Agatha could never solve but a learning secrets can be harmful like one time. I was waiting in line at midnight for the release of the Sixth Harry Potter Book. And some jerk drove by shouted Sniping Dumbledore Bowl Oh featured prominently in the new novel really. I've never read the six book. Oh I've only read the third on the seventh so now the whole experience ruined well if it makes you feel any better I chased that fool down and I punched him until his bruises is is spelled out. Don't mess with puff but I do have a plan to catch just this spy I'll disguise myself as the MINK and then I'll walk around town into live find someone that's dressed exactly like me and then I'll grab them and I whisper that famous and then I'll grab them shout shout at them and I'll say you want to spoil early ending the books Powell. Why don't you try? Stephen King's it. That whole ending is terrible. Oh come on. I'd like the ending of the it really. It just turns out to be the friends we made along the way you view Nice now anyway to make you know I have a question. How are you going to disguise herself as the mink when nobody knows what? The mink actually looks like Budig Nick. Fine then Oh. I'll dress up as a Manila folder. With a top secret stamp on it and then when someone tries to take me out grab them in whisper that famous movie speech. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. I I don't have any money but what I do have are very particular set of skills skills that I acquired through reading reading. Would you list of book recommendations here are a few. I think you enjoy. Yes Oh man. That is my favorite scene from say anything when John Cusak holds that boombox above his head outside the terrorists headquarters. I mean and so good yes no way. The MINK is a real threat and they are interested in learning far more than just book. Spoilers orders I mean you in particular might be in danger to Mika seasonal. I'm sixteen years old. I know everything there is to know about taking taking care of myself but listen if you catch the MINK. Bring them here to the studio because I need to have a moment. Want to rough him up. Yeah like I'll pin them down. And then you take this copy of Honda Janaka little life and just like this book made me cry now. It's making you cry sucker. Sure something something like that Well I think I'm off to get that me all right. Thank you be safe to me complain. Everyone

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