Public health emergency declared over Coronavirus


The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency of international concern due to the virus the consul general Wong dong law says places with good public health systems like San Francisco needed to worry okay so yes potential for viruses press two countries in the lead in a public health we shop you protest do meanwhile across the bay area lunar new year celebrations are taking place despite a few cancellations in certain places like Palo alto San Francisco resident Michael long without the ocean avenues lunar new year celebrations Saturday love says he's not at this point concerned about the corona virus as it's been largely concentrated in the region of Wuhan that event cancellations here are necessary in this vicinity is geographic vicinity probably was an over reaction full just because of the fact that there's been so much more media exposure to to this particular contagion that everybody's really panicking Livvie Lee David also from San Francisco says news of the virus freaked out her eighth grade daughter she I think came down with a flu last week and so she was really concerned and so she had actually started looking at symptoms of that corona virus thinking that that might have impacted her bay area public health officials have stressed that there's no evidence suggesting the novel coronavirus is spreading in the region advising instead to get the flu shot as a flu is circulating locally I'm Julie chain KQ reading

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