Washington Capitals' Nicklas Backstrom Scores As His Own Agent With 5-Year, $46 Million Extension


In the time since we last did. ESPN and ice the PODCAST. ESPN talk about hockey nick. Backstrom made agents irrelevant relevant. That's that's fascinating. Yeah well I mean if everyone could just have as good a relationship that Niklas backstrom seems to have heavily on the tire. capitals organization. Then we wouldn't agents at all five years forty six million dollars. An average annual value of nine point two million against the CAP. Some bonus stuff like he did the thing I mean maybe maybe agent could have got more ridiculous term or something but I mean from a dollar but dollars perspective. He did quite my good from self and he keeps his own agency. I mean this is genius like the how much more in real dollars Nick backstrom get for the agents out of the equation. He's quite smart. And I've gotta say the One guy that's probably quite not happy about this. Is Brandon Hopi. Because this is kind of foreshadowing what I believe to be true. Is that the capitals now will not enough money to sign Hopi to a long term extension. They haven't talked yet and it's now the earliest Samsonov era but look good on Niklas backstrom. He's making the other guys like drew doughty. Who didn't get the best deal when he did it himself? Look kinda dumb and the caps got this guy for another five years. Look I understand what you're saying about Hopi. I completely understand that I get it. I get the capital's goaltending situation that said if he fires is agent and hires Nick Backstrom. I'm sure he'll get the deal that he's looking for with the capitals officials. Nick Backstrom is now the new Pat Brisson. This is the second career

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