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Want to Better Remember What You Learn? Recent Research Says Try 10 Minutes of Mindfulness Beforehand


I got so excited when I read about a new study that said I'm just ten minutes of mindful meditation I was going to change the way I retain information and it is such an exciting new study and we're joined today and it's a new study from ball R. ball state university amber June we're joined today by the the professor that did the study and Dr Adam looking is with us he divided a hundred forty two people into two groups and he is an assistant teacher professor of psychology our psychological sciences at ball state and tell us about this mindfulness starting that you did doctor when a how exciting thank you and thank you for having me to speak about it too yeah my my wife and I were totally doctors on this project and we were we've been interested in mindfulness research for a little while it's been shown to have a ton of really positive effects in various ways and we've not based on the research that we have seen that we could probably indicate that mindfulness was able to better help people retain at least verbal learning and memory and improve those types of process these so yeah we we use some very common neuro psychological tests designed to measure people's memory of that and other process he's like attention as well and sure enough we found after dividing people up into two groups that though the group that we gave our that we had listened to a ten minutes mindfulness audio tape warm significantly better on our verbal learning and memory tasks that a control group who just listen to a ten minute audiotape list that was describing in English countryside so what you're saying is that in this is this is really so critical we need to give our brains a timeout explain to us why yeah a large part of it is because our brains tends to to run automatically and a lot of ways based on our habits based on the demands that are placed on us in a in our day everyday lives and it's good to kind of be able to step back from the internal monologue that tends to always be running in our heads and telling us pulling us in one direction and then the other direction it's good to be able to step back from that kind of gain some clarity through mindfulness practices even five to ten minutes of just simple meditation can really help clear your mind and help you live from more intentionally and a more controlled present moment life and this study was with a hundred forty two people yeah so there there we did two studies for this particular research article I think the first study had ninety four and the second maybe fifty or sixty something like that and you know people that say they don't have time to meditate what you're saying is wait a minute if you make time to meditate those names that you're being introduced to a business meeting that you forget instantly the minute they say if you've already moved on you will be eight you will be in this trial we all you know and what what that what the heck was their name and I just met them because we're not concentrating more multi tasking we're doing all of these things what you're saying give our brains that time out take a few minutes to reset the brain to give it to give it time to just chill for just a few minutes daily and when you when you go to remember what those names were they will come easily to you or they will come it will be faster for you to remember but it will change the way you look at life and it will give you that you know because sometimes we just need a moment just a moment and that moment can make all the difference in the world of how we react or not and that's really I think more profound than anything else yeah for sure and other researchers even shown mindfulness to actually change the actual physical makeup of the brain it literally changes your brain and and is able to improve your life and in many different ways and it's it really is easy to to just try to find a routine time in your day to China take a step back even for a few minutes figure out what works best for you a lot of people like doing it when they're doing a break anyway like during lunch during their lunch hour very easy to do to engage in what is called mindful eating you can do your meditation essentially while you eat or wake up a little bit five ten minutes early and start your day off with a meditation obviously doing it at the eat in the evening is a good idea to to help quiet the chatter and help get you in the mode ticket sleeping again in the mode to go to go to sleep so there are many different times whatever works best for you it doesn't really matter when you do it just the matters that you do it because it is very good for you and and a professor you know is it is it better that you when you do more mindfulness and it even works better or is it or is it just that ten minutes well the the ten minutes it is good to kind of get you out of that bottom matic frame of mind and to get you more intentional in the moment but we know that a little after a little while your brain tends to go back to its default mode of working so by practicing on a routine by doing it daily to the point where it becomes less and less effortful to get into this mindful space it without needing as much effort it's easier to be mindful even when you're not meditating it it just carries on into your everyday life so people who have long term experience with meditation are more easily able to stay in that mindful space rather than reverting back to an automatic type of thinking space which which characterizes most of us at least in the majority of our days so yes the ten minutes is is good it'll get you out of your automatic frame of mind for a little while but you probably will need to refresh and do it again absolutely good good good Hey we are out of time thank you so much

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Want to Better Remember What You Learn? Recent Research Says Try 10 Minutes of Mindfulness Beforehand

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