The Best of Windward Road in Tobago


Week we head to three hundred and Tobago Monaco. skinniest just call. It takes us on a trip down windward road on the smaller island of Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is a complete with charm and excitement. These almonds of famous for their Carnival is origins coming from experience of hardship for enslaved Africans. Now a celebration. An annual event known for its colorful costumes parades and festivities. Also feature the limbo still passed a musical genres such as calypso soccer all of which originate from the islands in this episode exposure food one road in particular with road on the island of Tobago Winwood road starts at the top Tupac Flagship Hill which features some stunning views of the beauty of the island including the Caribbean Sea. It then runs down the east side of the island along many coastlines through villages many striking churches and jungle green valleys many bays run alongside this road and it cites our heavenly any out for breakfast or lunch checkout. GP's bakery if you make it here you're in for a treat a sweet swamp perhaps try that. Take on a cinnamon milk bum. How rupp cake filled with current some reasons? They have savory dishes to trying to lose pie. A soft fried right dumpling with mashed potatoes vegetables and chick peas or that chicken soup with dumplings yams and carrots. Uh Up the road you reach the stunning Tyrrell's Bay this is why we reach gems seaview. Kitchen visitors. locos agreed that a trip to Gemma seaview kitchen. EVERYONE AS Roma's treehouse is a must when visiting Trinidad and Tobago given away in the nickname. This opener restaurant is famous for being built around a tremendous almond tree. But that's isn't the only attraction. The food is also delicious. This restaurant has a casual vibe. AH Open for breakfast. Lunch and dinner uncertain authentic Caribbean food but also dishes with a twist going at lunch dinnertime. Try that curried goat. Which is classic Caribbean dish? A curry cooked with its main ingredient. Goat me which is left on the bone and cooked until tender. This is software after advice. Some peace in this case the piece actually being kidney beans but this is what they call them in the Caribbean maybe try with the side of voting. I would recommend commending this type of bread in the curry sauce or using it. To mop up your plate at the end I must try and a favorite is gems breadfruit Pie wonderfully creamy and cheesy with laze of breadfruit named because the texture of the fruit. When Kurt is similar to freshly baked bread but has a potato like flavor? Ever try this with a side of fried planting and if you love a bit of spice the have a homemade saas for you. They also love a grill. Try to Golic shrimp grilled fish with peppers or tried to local delights sweet and Sour Cavalli. Fish just a free minute walk down. Winwood road your arrive. birdwatchers restaurant and ball grabber noculars and head to the deck. I'm relaxing Logger do you love fish. The fish hair is fresh from the sea and the menu changes depending on the capture of the day but a popular choice. Is The lobster. A generous portion full of Zest and spices gift. The luscious Macaroni Pie. Try with some blue a popular carribean dish with its main ingredient being lift festival. And of course you must try the juicy chicken served with flavored rice salad lentils if you have the space for it make sure you try the homemade cinnamon. I scream for dessert. If eaten too much at these places you can always walk walk along space side North Beach and once. The food is going down head over to a roadside Russia. How about Ireland's bar relaxing join decorated with pirate flags with lots of character and heart? You can't catch sports on the TV or pay dots pool the cocktails here. Not for the faint-hearted taunted. They described as powerful. If you can brave it gives the rump punchy shy my heritage lies in the Caribbean and I can tell you the food in this part of the world is just as vibrant as its inhabitants. It's full of spices. I'm flavors that take influences from many parts of the world. So where are you elasticated bottoms and get ready for some soul food. Because you're going to be eating a lot of it for Monaco. I'm Kenya Jay Scarlett.

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