Test By Gal 2pm


The day after she releases released on we knew was coming she does beyond say move and surprise hits us with look at her now which is very cute because I guess I love Selene because she's like you can feel bad for me for twenty four hours you can pity me for twenty four hours and now I'm GonNa hit you back I looked Selena's is because they truly when you look in the mirror so beautiful but it looks to me like there's no soul they're really yeah no sheep all I feel like you look in her eyes and it's the eyes of pure evil in a hallway she is t- there's something there's something I don't know there's something going on there I think she's pure evil I really oh can siri MHM and I've actually heard because I'm pretty obsessed with her and I know some people this to work with her on like music videos and stuff and they confirmed like she to me is like a a young Naomi Campbell like she's GonNa throw a coffee in your face but you're gonNA like get and you're gonNA masturbate to it later okay I if I yes if I was a man I would I would date Selena Gomez and allow her to ruin my life and my sense of self respect Europol thank you love it inks gosh if I were a man so yeah these this there's a lot of sexy dancing in this she has a long braid I guess that's the look now long braid look yeah look at her now lyrics his own leg do do do

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