Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

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Today I'm here with breath. Dr S Halston. The one the only we have ten questions today and one when bill this question tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey and becoming Vegan leader in the field. Also if you'd like to tell us about the books you've written or new projects you have coming up well first of all say thank NCUA pleasure to be with you and with your team and talk about Probably most of my emphasis might be on my research which is coronary artery disease. A leading killer of women men and Western civilization which the truth be known coronary artery. Disease is is nothing more than a toothless paper tiger that need never ever exist and if it does exist in need never ever progress this is a completely benign foodborne foodborne illness where I got my start was in I guess the late nineteen seventies early eighties. I was increasingly disillusioned that as is chairman of our breast cancer. Taskforce Cleveland Clinic for how many women I was doing breast surgery. I was doing absolutely nothing for the next unsuspecting affecting victim and this led to a bit of global research on my part and it was very striking to see that there were many cultures where breast cancer rates were thirty and forty times less frequent than the United States states for instance in Kenya and in rural Japan in the nineteen fifties breast cancer was very infrequently identified yet as soon as the Japanese women would migrate to the United States. The second and third generation still japanese-american. They still now had the same rate of breast cancer there Caucasian counterpart And even more striking perhaps was a cancer of the prostate in the entire nation of Japan in nineteen fifty eight. How many autopsy proven doing desk where they're from cancer of the prostate eighteen in the entire nation more nineteen seventy eight? They were up to one hundred thirty seven which still pales in comparison to the twenty. Eight thousand will die this year in this country so at about that juncture. I thought we we get more bang for the buck if if we could deal with the leading killer of women and men and Western civilization which is our disease coronary or your coronary artery heart heart disease and so the dream has worked out. Was it if you could get people to eat to save their hardt also say themselves in the common western cancers breast prostate colon and perhaps pancreatic. That's the background. What what are your thoughts on a low carb Paleo and kitone Diet Kito service versus Kito acidosis and what are the dangers of of each I think that those are some interesting questions. I think that you might start out looking at the epidemiology analogy of of heart disease. And it depends what your goals are if you want to slow the rate of Heart Disease Development The Mediterranean Diet is probably the second the worst of course is the typical western American Diet. Fill with dairy and meat and cheese and Bacon pork possible oil and it just absolutely ravages the Guardian and the life checking of our blood vessel which happens to be that delicate innermost lining of the artery the endothelium which manufacturers absolutely magic molecules of gas that nitric oxide that protects us all and nitric. Oxide has some absolutely marvelous functions keeps to sell your elements in our bloodstream flowing. I tough lawn rather than velcro

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