Joe Burrow, LSU complete dream season to win the national title


Morning after. LSU's national championship. Victory over Clemson We are still here in New Orleans. Bruce what what do you think will be your lasting image of the game you know. I don't I don't know I mean because it was a lot of thoughts going through my head just seon beyon- early on like when suicide next to me in the press box it felt like for the first couple of drives were not breath not much is going on but then Clemson at LSU backed up their territory. Lot Zero blitzing. They they definitely I think Brent Venables had the LSU offense the ants on its heels and then clemson started to go a little bit in Clemson's did some big plays and I don't know what point was seventeen seven or or something along the lines of that. I I think our colleague Ari Wasserman put out something that was like who covers Ohio state as if it's unclear We all know it's unclear whether this is just a blatant troll job or not. He's after watch. It was early in the game when he said watching these teens. I'm really to do tweets. It was another another one that was a reference to while. Lsu like they were fortunate that they got Oklahoma. 'cause they wouldn't have gotten through like your comes to blow out from Clemson. We saw this movie the last year against Alabama at remember thinking. This offense is GonNa get going where I didn't really expect. Stu was Trevor Lawrence his talented in his as gifted as he is looked more like a freshman last night for you on Monday night then he did last year against Alabama when he actually was a true freshman and Dan so to see that You know it was just like Whoa here at combs it was like an avalanche and it felt like this where I was going with that it felt like when we were sitting there watching it was like all right. Clemson feels like that dominated the first the first half but at one point it was like that controlled the first half and all of a sudden. Now they're down by one another so now they're like a deep hole and Lsu's getting the ball back. It was just think just felt like this thing was destined to happen. Yeah as I in the Lsu locker room and then went back and wrote Sept- sat down to write. It felt like just it was yet another game where Joe Jonesboro dominated and and was yet another. LSU blow out. And then as I kind of look back in my notes you realize Gosh I can hardly remember it now but this was the game was twenty eight to twenty five early in the third quarter after constant score a touchdown then clemson held LSU and it gets the ball back where the chance to take the lead. And I say that because by the time the game was over you would never remember it. was that close Because we saw yet another Sterling performance format from borough Jomar. Chase was unstoppable You know I wrote primarily about borough in my column from the game because I think what we just witnessed was without question region. The greatest season a college quarterback has ever had and to the point. Where you know you and I had podcast in the past where we talked about we debated Cam Cam? Newton's amazing season Vince young amazing season where they ranked in the in the Where they ranked his players right among all time? Great College players. Joe Borough rush like Cam. Newton is gonNA remember for just one season but Each through sixty touchdowns sixty and so oh just to put that in perspective that great Excuse me that great Vince. Young season he had thirty eight D.. Accounted for thirty eight rushing and passing touchdowns Ashdown's Tommie Frazier Ninety Five Nebraska. No that was a different era. He accounted for about two thousand yards of total offense. Borough when you put in his rushing six thousand yards of offense offense and they did it against a schedule that was so tough that when the final. AP poll came out Late Monday night. LSU had beaten five of the top eighteen which were pretty sure has never been done before it was And and and all and by the end you know. We're talking about things things here. That was see that if you had told me what an August that this would happen. I would say that's impossible. And yet he made it look so easy in these games that it certainly didn't impossible while you're watching it. It just seemed like Oh okay yet. Another game where the other defense. DB's can't stop these receivers and boroughs making all the right. Throws Rose is interesting. I spent a lot of the three days down here in New Orleans in the inside with Lsu and a lot of meetings in which just comes back to his hey we got number benign. It was like in there is talking about like any. NFL personnel person. Or anything like that but then there is Joe. Bureau was so much better than any other quarterback in the country because of how he operated this system are poised is how accurate. How great he is off script when the defense does something I don't know why feel compelled to touch on this but you know obviously you have this back and forth over the last. Probably Five Years About Cam Newton where he was the one thing I would. I'd say Cam Newton had nobody around him. You know the the only thing close to him as an NFL prospects even remotely was fairly on the other side of the ball. Joe Borough Roll. Had Mortiz went wild last night he actually had three drop passes well. Aj Terrell is considered to be a really good cornerback and and the poor guy gave up to fifty plus yard catches to chase in the first half. They eventually had to switch to a new to trying trying different DB On him. Well Oh I think what you were saying. I totally grew the greatest Offensive seem season. We've seen from a from a college quarterback but I would ask you this and haven't done enough research on it. You know their body work as a team matches up with anybody right and they. We beaten some some really good teams by double digits now to me and I I would argue that the Miami Ed Reed that team as the most talented team. The what I do think is like this team hasn't loaded with the level of. I think ridiculously future hall of fame kind of pro bowl guys. I mean we'll see I mean. Obviously the gap between Kendra. She was a really good quarterback and Joe Arrow is significant. But I would ask ask you. Is this the greatest offense you've ever seen in college yes. This was the greatest offense in college football. I was thinking trying to think of comparisons and to to to what you said. We've seen a lot of great offenses that like for instance. The chip Kelly Oregon offenses that took college football by storm in time. Seemed unstoppable. Darren Thomas was the quarterback right. It wasn't a guy who's going to be the number one pick in the draft maybe think about some of these Oklahoma offenses recently. Certainly certainly the ones with Baker Mayfield Cuyler Murray season those offenses were prolific. But in both cases they eventually ran into a team that was more talented than them and was able to at least neutralize it. Lsu I think an an order on his set it and I think it's true what we saw. This season was just the perfect storm and the perfect combination of the quarterback. The offense that job Brady brought in the play calling reis even Zinger and just this insane set of receivers and also Clyde. You know who you're right about. Oh my gosh. That guy is unbelievable. A tackle them last night. Just every everything that needed to lineup lined up. I think it was the thing that you know not to go too. Big on Clyde there because the numbers aren't like Numbers but I think the element of having thing like it is the pick your poison where somebody's going to go all right. We gotTA worry about twenty two more and then also the one who won the won the Belichick off award you know. He was considered the greatest receiver. ALGEBRA's true sophomore. I think it was like and then that gets to touchdown. That was the kind of flurry that I think that they're just capable capable of and I I don't want him to bring up Ohio state. I was like it did not feel to me as impressive. This clemson was last year. is the president. We thought they were Dabo. Sweeney talking about the lack of respect. If all season to me there was no doubt who is the better team after watching that it last

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