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Majority of pledged delegates that's partly because of Mike Bloomberg's whose story in the national polls on the back this huge TV ad campaign we will talk about the power of television ads that's all coming up next on left right and center we write back live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jax beer even as the number of global corona virus cases continues to rise there are some reasons for optimism the epidemic may be easing world health officials say there appears to be a drop in the number of healthcare professionals contracting the virus the doctor Michael Ryan executive director of the World Health Organization says the reason isn't entirely clear there's been a rapid fall off in the number of cases and record and hand held workers in the last two weeks this may reflect the increased levels of training increased levels of protection and also increased levels awareness currently more than sixty six thousand cases of the disease have been reported with more than fifteen hundred deaths almost all in China the U. S. of there are been fifteen cases the centers for disease control and prevention says it will start testing for the virus at five locations including New York Los Angeles and Chicago and have an assistant district attorney Joan Illuzzi delivering her closing arguments in the trial of former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein today NPR's rose Friedman was in the court room Joan Illuzzi painted once seen as a predator isolating tricking and in some cases forcing vulnerable women into unwanted sexual situations when steam is charged with five counts of rape and assault related to women in New York City he's maintained that all his encounters were consensual and his defense is that the women are lying Lucy told the jury that the women had little to gain by coming forward that they sacrifice their dignity and their privacy in the name of justice if one scene is found guilty he faces up to life in prison the jury will begin deliberating next week rose Friedman NPR news New York house speaker Nancy Pelosi in a somewhat rare bit of bi partisanship is siding with the trump administration when it comes to Chinese telecom company Huawei speaking to an audience in Germany during an appearance at the Munich security conference