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Coronavirus prompts calls to ban sale of exotic animals in China

AP 24 Hour News
Last month

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Glenn Beck
19 hrs ago

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5 d ago
AP News


There are new calls to ban selling exotic species in China after the outbreak of the new coronavirus China instituted a ban after the sars virus outbreak in two thousand two was linked to market selling live animals the ban was later lifted and the animals reappeared the current corona viruses also believed to have originated in the same types of markets the new outbreak is prompting calls to permanently banned the sale of wildlife which many say is being fueled by a limited group of wealthy people who consider the animals delicacies activists say it's difficult to distinguish between those that were legally farm to those that have been illegally huntin the animals are often killed on site to ensure freshness the messy mix raises the tiny odds that a new virus will jump to people handling the animals and then start to spread the spreading illness also serves as a grim reminder that how animals are handled anywhere can endanger people everywhere