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Polls open at midnight in New Hampshire town with only 5 voters


Tomorrow New Hampshire voters will cast their ballots in the first presidential primary in the nation and a few of them we'll take care of it early when polls open at midnight in the tiny village of Dixville notch is one of the places that has made midnight voting a tradition called Killian is there in New Hampshire's north country right up there near the Canadian border so what is so special about this place well Tony Dixville notch is one of three towns here in New Hampshire that votes at midnight this year they only have five voters each will choose from this slate of candidates or they can write someone in but this ritual has spent more than half a century although this time it almost didn't happen buried deep in the tip of New Hampshire the tiny hamlet of Dixville notch is known for its picturesque powder and its power to pick presidents first fifteen for Ronald Reagan for sixty years final day for up to the polls opened at the stroke of midnight this is nineteen sixty yeah predominately Republicans here Nixon nine Kennedy zero Tom Tillotson is the town moderator in Dixville we take advantage of some quirks in the New Hampshire laws that allow us to open the polls at midnight but this year they were on the verge of closing because there simply weren't enough voters who still live there we were down to four town moderator saying you know you might be the fifth we need to that's when developer less sudden offered to move back do you feel like you're coming in to save the day really this whole matters because Dixville voting at midnight is to New Hampshire what snow is to skiing and what candidates art to campaigning this is our music but Mitt Romney's father George as the story goes he arrived here with popsicle is seven hundred pound elephant to Reagan he was just such a gentleman and such a personable person dole Clinton bush and McCain they've all been here why is it important for the candidates to come here to Dixville notch in retail campaigning no anything I guess you can do to get an edge Colorado senator Michael Bennet is the only candidate in the current presidential field who has visited it doesn't make a difference though to have that presence just to press the flesh take a photo it does make a difference but again I think we're getting a good feeling of who the candidates are would love to see him but I think we can carry on a tradition without them being here neither what tipped their hand about who they may vote for but I did surveys some of the other five voters and some have made up their minds while others are still undecided even at this late hour Gail all right Nicole thank you

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Polls open at midnight in New Hampshire town with only 5 voters

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