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Often wish that we had someone in our world who could hold US accountable. Who can have a vision of what's possible for us and would be willing to take a stand for the greatness when we may be fighting for our limitations? The person you're GonNa meet today found that person and he found it in the form of a five year old daughter. If you've read the book you know the FM Alexander quote that people do not decide their futures they decide their habits and their our habits decide their futures. What are the habits that you can form that? If you form them would make cheating extraordinary life easier easier or unnecessary. And who are the people in your world who can begin holding you accountable as you go on your first sixty six day challenge into making that a power habit. Today's episode is a journey of what it looks like to form that first habit what it looks like to seek accountability and how purpose can be woven in to all of this to take your results to an even higher level with that. Let's get into this conversation with Tim. Beverly so why are we sitting here today. Today happens to be day. Sixty six in my first sixty six day challenge of running every a day for sixty six days. What inspired you to go on? A six day challenge to form the habit of running so after listening to the podcast and rereading the one thing for the the sixth or seventh time and finding what is that thing that I struggle with right now and if I were to do that one thing would would lead to other habits being able to be stacked upon that Running is not something I necessarily enjoy and yet I knew if I could commit to running for sixty six days talk about it to others that are in my world in my businesses. An in my family that I would have level accountability as well as that a little check check mark but I want to get every day for six days so at six. Am this morning. started my run and at six thirty or so. When I was wrapping up it was sixty six days and I know that there will be sixty seventh day because it's now habit? How long did it take for it to become a habit for you? Great question by day Eh. About thirty or thirty five I had some traveling to do and my wife and I had a flight to catch from Philadelphia Tennessee at seven. Seven o'clock in the morning. We live about an hour from the airport. The only way to get my run in that day was to run at four o'clock in the morning. And that's not my normal wakeup time and I found myself waking up at three forty five without an alarm and on the treadmill at four. AM running to get my check mark for my thirty fifth day so that one was pretty confident. Confident it was. It was becoming a habit and yet not every day was easy. Talked about that a little bit because I think people it's very simple right. ooh Just just do one thing every day for six days power habit that sticks yes life is amazing. Go through through why it's not easy. It's not easy because life shows up and there are days in my business. That would go a little long and I would get home at seven or eight o'clock at night and I hadn't checked the box yet and sometimes I'd bring dinner home with me. Put It on the counter and go to the basement jumping my treadmill That was not easy and yet it became easier over time. MHM. Because I didn't WanNA break the streak in an at the time I implemented this sixty six day challenge. My daughter asked what the chart was on the fridge and I I have a five year old and five year olds are quite curious. What's that well it's A? It's a challenge. Daddy's zone is going to Run every day for sixty six days. Did she fully get that concept not at all. I want to talk to so I had a second chart. Laminated on the fridge. And everyday she had a good day as I. Four and five year olds. Don't always have good days. They have really great days and days and make you appreciate the really great days and she got a check mark for her really good days and there are times that she would ask my wife. Did Daddy run today. Did he get checkmark today. Where's the APP or travel and and come back? And did you get to put your check marks Markson did you miss any days and having that level of accountability from a five year old. It's really unbelievable. Go into that more. Because we've done a few episodes votes before with parents and their kids and how the kids started living the one thing as a result of watching the parent. What does it mean for your child to have a great day often? It's that my wife has a great day because our children had had now we're really talking the domino and it leads to me having a better day as well at least things got a tie together really really nicely. It's awareness really what it comes down to who is a as a five year old the you know some of their actions they control some of them are just pure emotion that comes out and watching her get really sad. What if she doesn't get a check mark that day that it's starting to become a check mark for her as well and and habits can be built for any age? Yeah so where did this go back to where this came from you. You put your sixty six day challenge calendar where I put it on the side of my refrigerator. Okay as I come in the door go around the corner from my garage. I see the side of the refrigerator and I can see the check marks. Okay and at. What point did your daughter start showing interest in this day one as soon as I put up the Fritsch daddy what's up? What is that and I had to copies? My original intention was to have a laminated copy on the fridge and one down on the treadmill and the two copies just are are side by side on the Fridge Wants Hers One's mine. And what point did it become hearse day one. So what would that conversation look. What because they were for a lot of the parents listen to this? They're like Oh this is really really cool so walk us through how you enlisted the involvement of your child so it was. What was that and when I explained that it was a challenge challenge of sorts? I really believe kids like to be challenged And she wanted to be involved in it and it became a thing that her and I could do together and came up with what would be something. We can measure how. `Bout we measure that every time you have a really good day weeds project MC and we roughly find with that means that Kinda depends on the day every time you don't eat. We're going to skip that day. You have a blank spot. And there's some days it she'll go to countersign. I didn't get my mark yesterday or the day before or the day before it just drives but three or four marks in a row and it's it's become thing we're really. I'm ahead of her. At the moment. I have all sixty six checks and yet she sees the value and what those check marks represent I should mention. I'm not a physician and I. I don't know that running every day for sixty six days. It's the right move quickly and yet the experience has been life changing. We'll hi how's it been life chain. It's come show me what's possible by doing something as simplistic as getting on a treadmill every day. And it's not about the distance I attract my time for the first mile L.. Attract me speed for the first mile and what we shared. Bur what I shared with you before was at my sprint has now become less than my pace and it was unintentional. It just found myself turning up to speed a little bit more in a little bit more in a little bit more in graduate gradually then suddenly I was running faster than I have ever tracked before and this is a habit that I never enjoyed loyd running a staring at a concrete wall running on a treadmill how exciting his at and by the way those eulogising if you would like to get a copy of the sixty six day challenge calendar just go to the one thing dot com. That's the number one in the oral. Click on the free stuff tab and you can download it and start your first power day before going through the sixty six. Stay Challenge. What used to be your sprint? The thing that you would have to work hard to get it's fast you could possibly go is now the bare minimum. That's the pace. That's the pace and the sprint now would have been something that would have knocked off the treadmill Go into more like this shows shows. What's possible what does that mean? What are the things that you now? What are the questions are now asking yourself that you've never asked before? What else have I? I've been cheating myself on by not doing this five years ago when I knew about the sixty six day challenge. And what's next. Say One to learn a a second language. Perhaps I pick one worded day that I learned in an another language for the next sixty six days. I've read somewhere that The average person says about two two hundred words about the use. Whether it's true or not I honestly don't know and yet if I could learn sixty six words in nearly any language who at least get me on the path to mastery of that language and that idea so simplistic one word today. Of course I can do that. How long would that really take to learn one word per day? Three three minutes five minutes and it's just committing to that activity every day and not ever ever ever skipping it. No matter what

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