Ex-financier gets 9 months in college admissions scandal


Today a federal judge in Boston headed down the toughest sentence yet in the college admissions scandal as Carter Evans reports prosecutors say one parents actions really stood out among all of those charged overall the parents swept up in the college admissions scandal prosecutors say Douglas talked was is specially active for nearly a decade they say he paid Rick singer masterminded the fraud eight hundred fifty thousand dollars to get four of his children indeed Georgetown in U. S. C. as phony athletic recruit and he was wiretapped allegedly trying to get a fifth child into school the retired chief executive of investment giant him co begged the judge for leniency admitting he illegally tip the scales in favor of my children over others and expressed his deepest insincere S. regret but judge Nathaniel Gorton called Hodges conduct of Polly and mind boggling he sentenced Todd said nine months in prison find him seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and ordered five hundred hours of community service that same judge will oversee the case of Lori Loughlin who's charged with even more crimes should Lori Loughlin be concerned of course I'm guarantee she's freaking out today because she's she's concerned that what happened to hajj is going to happen to her today

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