An UnFROGettable Day At the Museum of Wow!

Wow In the World


Morning friends and so glad you could join us first. Senior Citizen Day at CMO. Wow they mindy oh great. We invite you here today because humans over one hundred years old get in free and this is the first day of the museums. Exciting New Amphibian Exhibit Amphibian is the scientific name for a group of animals that begin their lives with Gills and tails in the water but later grow legs and lungs for a new life on land. In fact the word right and Vivian means double life like the double life of turning from a tadpole into abroad. Yes a process known as -morphosis versus are you. Are you sleeping. What no who was sleeping allergies? This is sure to be an UNCLOG gettable day. The museum promises some of the most wow worthy in riveting new scientific discoveries

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