Travel Resolutions and Tips for 2020

Talking Points


Travel. New Year's resolutions are to travel more sustainably in also to be a little bit more in tune with my travels. I think very often. Especially when we hit the prevalence of social media we're constantly include to our phones and one of the things I wanNa do in two thousand twenty is be more present as I traverse the world my tips for becoming a better traveler. My top tip is really to listen more. I think so. Often we go into different destinations. We have preconceived notions. We bring our own ideas we don't listen to the rhythms of life in the places that we find ourselves we don't listen to the locals that we encounter and I think that we would be way better travelers. If we did that. Another tip that I think. Thank you can employ in order to become better. Traveler is to travel more sustainably. So let's try to invest more in local economies. Let's try to use less less single use plastics unless just try to be better for our world. My number one tip for traveling more in twenty twenty is to be flexible. A lot of people say oh you know what I want to travel more but I can't do it can't afford to. I don't have the time and honestly if you are flexible both with your your destination and also with the timing in which you're going to travel you will have the opportunity to travel more so it ordered to travel more. Make sure that you are a flexible and have fun.

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