Protein tangles in Alzheimer's patients could help predict brain shrinkage


A small study just out from UCSF demonstrates how a specific protein in the brain can predict the progression of Alzheimer's disease KQED science reporter at Leslie McClurg explains scientists followed about three dozen patients with Alzheimer's to see how their brain atrophied over fifteen months images revealed the areas covered in a protein called how shrunk the most knowing which brain regions are likely to decline will help doctors forecast what kind of cognitive loss is coming are we speaking a language problem next I respecting eagles diesel problems this we hope is something that we're going to be able to address in the next years we know the joy is a UCSF expert on neuro imaging and lead author of the study the data adds to a growing body of research suggesting that tile maybe a more significant player and Alzheimer's disease than amyloid plaque unless limit cleared KQED

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