Not All Hydropower Is Climate Considerate


Solar wind hydropower. These renewable energy sources are all much better for the climate than fossil fuels right well yes for wind solar but it turns out that the picture for hydropower power is more complicated than we think. A new study by the Environmental Defense Fund analyzed the climate impacts of one thousand five hundred hydropower facilities disabilities across the globe. That accounts for about half of hydropower generation worldwide the researchers looked at whether facility behaves as greenhouse. US guests sink or as a source to figure this out. The invested all the different components that help determine hydropower facilities greenhouse gas emissions. There's so many factors that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions from hydropower but essentially the majority of greenhouse gas emissions arise from the reservoir itself as vegetation and soils are submerged under water in the dam that is used for the hydropower generation Elissa Arco a senior climate scientists at the Environmental Defense Fund and Co author of the study as submerged vegetation decays it releases methane missing or co two the larger the surface area of the reservoir the more greenhouse gases that are going to be emitted from that reservoir. You're also the temperature plays a role as well how warm the reservoir is will affect how much greenhouse gases are produced and emitted from the reservoir through their analysis on her co author. Steven Hamburg also with Environmental Defense Fund Fund discovered that the climate impacts of hydropower. Run the gamut the good news. Is that some facilities perform just as well as wind and solar but shockingly rocking Lee more than one hundred facilities are actually worse for the climate than fossil fuels the studies in the Journal. Environmental Science and technology does cleaning. Doesn't mean we should forget about hydropower. But we just need to be careful to make sure that we have climate benefits. There are a lot of situations where hydropower our can be on par with wind and solar. So it really depends on the accessibility.

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