Martini celebrates the festive season with a limited-edition Negroni chocolate collection created by Paul A. Young


The beloved Italian Coktail Negroni is one hundred years old this year and the Shuki pull a young has been asked by Martini to concoct brand new chocolate to mark the occasion. Well Uncles Ben. Ryland sat down with Paula. littler Elliot to talk about the creative and practical processes of marrying chocolate with such such a famous drink. Plus they enjoyed a little bit of tasting along the way I have the great privilege of being approached by fantastic brands And a half to love the brand and all I have to love the product that the brand of created and for me it has to be natural. Ashby pure and ask interesting. And I've known the Martini brand for for decades. I remember adverts in the nineteen eighties with a particular on roller skates. trae Martini and the any time any place. Any were to have a Martini so so it was. It was always a happy memory for me. So when they approach and said we've got these new reserve special and brought on Rubino for Moose my East pricked up because I'm not a beer drinker. Call volume alcohol drinker. Let one night champagne and spirits. But I like Negroni old-fashioned says bitter sweet flavors because you can have them over ice on their own stop blending them and for me. Obviously I have to blend into the chocolate. So the challenge for me was taking the two commutes on brought her which is a a number color and the Rabin which is this ruby color from youth and taste them dilute pair them with chocolate. Let's try and find a combination that celebrates negroni because the centenary celebration of Negroni without the chocolate distorting the flavors and characters in the botanical in the two Moose but also the vermouth are very complex. And they've got that distinct bitter sweetness to they can easily distort the chocolate as well so it was actually an opportunity for me to work with them on getting that balance. Absolutely right Let's take quite a long time. We always think about the delicacies Kasese that can go with a glass of wine for example. What it it's fairly common knowledge that certain foods should go with a glass of wine? Don't sit down to a lovely gloss of red wine and then and and then tuck into a box of chips not good idea that we often don't think about that same sort of methodology when it comes to pairing something something we chocolate. How do you know what goes well with chocolate? It's a really good question in two parts to it. When I when I first started in chocolate a quite few years I would be guilty? If you've ever analyzing and I think it it's the way some people take chocolate which is if you're doing it professionally or academically you do have to have a process of pinpointing and finding all of us delicate compounds flavors and tastes to the point where you're deciding whether this chocolate is fine. Quality with beans have been fermented well of picked well or and so on and so you really digging in Bolt for me when it comes down to it. I have to take it back to base level when I smell it smell texture to like the taste from beginning middle and end and Roy after the after taste does it work with ingredients and now you get people who will say what wine and chocolate hard to pair. I find it very easy to pair. That's because I've tasted a lot of chocolate and a lot of wine and I can think about those flavors starting out and you taste piece of chocolate. How would you know which one to pick their hundreds if not thousands of them on the shelf to boy Oy? It's really difficult and all I say is by and tastes and eat what you like. Try It if you think it doesn't work. You're probably right because you own your tongue on your taste spots. And if it pairs well great. An I have always with all my tastings and events set to people if you prefer eating or milk white or dark chocolate with a cup of tea fantastic few think it works for you. It probably does but when it comes down to do you like if you do great no matter what anybody else says because you a half to want to eat again and again and again I'm almost runner of the cadbury cream egg at with the woman dipping hurt chips into a cream egg. Yeah well salty and sweet is massive business. The chocolate industry tree lady is not as crazy as she looked. She has no But I I do have a box of beautiful chocolates in front of me and you just pulled me a gloss of the move which was very kind of you for this time of day. A little SIP exactly Tell me tell me first. What vermouth measuring? This has gone brought us. This is the amber colored very light fresh smell wise. I've got fruit and it has to me sympathy botanical. Medicinal that's not meant to be a negative Tiv- term. I remember as a child having buttercup Syrup as a medicine and Dundee Line serapis kind of things those botanical can pass over very successfully into a Moose yes and drinks and this has that element of bitter sweet to it which if you think about bittersweet flavor dark chocolate is bittersweet already got a really good foundation and having having having a taste It's light on the tongue but the aftertaste is really really long It's beautiful sweet as well. But not over not overpowering only switch cleverly made it very sweet not overly sweet at the beginning and then this kind of botanical bitter dryness comes in the end and the chocolate made with it is the blue and gold marbled finish which represents the best colors on the buttocks. It's a beautiful bottle. Ferry Italian design obviously and sticking with Martini brand absolutely. I think if you are familiar with the Martini a line of Vermouth e you probably would be impressed by this particular RESERVA SPATULA pull. Educate me on how I should be eating the chocolates with the truth. We've had a drink of Mussa. Still got the flavor. There have a bite of one of the chocolates list. It's the blue and gold when it has a very soft center of white chocolate. We've got some Bombay Sapphire Gin. We've the VERMOUTH in there. Got Some Madagascans chocolate. which is thought delicate fruity chocolate? And very little else the predominant ingredient in that is the vermouth because I wanted that flavor to to last on the tongue. And it's it's a gorgeous balance. The dark chocolate is just bitter sweet enough like the vermouth. Once you've had the first bite and it's melted and swallowed. I have a bit more. Vermouth just passed me. A A glass of Rabin now I suppose that means that well to be polite I would have to try some of this. You would have to try that one as well this array of full of flavor for me I get kind of a smell of time leaves and herb Leary is very very very smooth. A little a bit Rich in feeling flavor and that's represented in the chocolate as well. We've got that lovely Madagascar chocolate again. But they could nash the filling inside. I just heavier more full needs a bit more impact. Bit more strength to it. So it doesn't get lost in the Renault so now that we've had some of the redeem we should be tasting some of the chocolate or I'd have made the chocolates a half dome a very smooth surface and a dark chocolate can inside Very very different indeed this one. Yeah very dock inside and a much more pungent hit it take. It took a long time to find the right chocolates to work with the to the most because Kosta so complex for example. If you choose orange which I love chocolate and orange you instantly got. I honestly know which chocolate to put with it to get that nostalgic fail. I love chocolate orange. What this it was? Try again try again try again. It's absolutely fantastic. The opportunity to have something that is quite unusual all to work with both familiar. It's funny how I haven't had either the Vermouth to start with but the familiarity and some of the botanical in. I don't know where that's from. I'm from my many years past of tasting and eating but there is something in them and all my team who tried to. There's something in recognized but I don't know what it is. I think a lot of people might say I've I've never had vermouth on its own. I've had a Martini Shaken oster Martini or I've had it as a mix of had it in an aground. Have I had it with chocolate would would I tried it if it wasn't in the chocolate maybe not so my job and my responsibility is just to inspire people to try something different. Because that's what I've had the opportunity. It's due to create the chocolates. I think you've done very well. Thank you so much. That was really

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