Anna of Untamed Borders Teaches Locals to Ski in Afghanistan


Have a brief conversation with Anna. She has a unique job besides is being a tour guide for untamed borders. She's a ski coach in Bamiyan Afghanistan teaching locals how to Ski. Untamed border specializes alizes and bringing travelers to challenging. Locales like Afghanistan Samaya in Iraq check out their agendas on their website. And right now now. Here's my conversation with Anna. He welcome to accounting countries. Please take a moment introduce yourself. Hi My name is on Savannah where I live on a fire I like to travel abroad and in life free time I like the Pumpkins pumpkins interesting. Anything to do with Halloween. Not really I just like the Pumpkin CDO traditions living. Yeah Okay so besides travel. I understand you are really passionate about skiing. And you've worked as a ski teacher for several seasons plus in Switzerland. I know you've also met some interesting people in Switzerland when you were a ski coach. Tell me about three of them fister still. He is a Swiss journalist journalists. Who enabled me to come to spend the first time? And he was the one who started this project a one C up and the the to say remind friends from Dallas and the best years for Benetton suggest in Asia Around who are now. My Co workers. Keep Up Okay and as he cites side note I understand. There is a documentary. Made about the two skiers. What's the name of that documentary? The light shines okay. It's pretty cool. I just saw that the other day so you should check that out and I know Afghanistan. Ghanistan was high on your list to visit for quite a long time and Kristoff. You just mentioned in. Switzerland gave you the opportunity to travel there in February. Three of two thousand sixteen. What brought you there? What did you do when you got to Bamiyan so it was really cool their helicopter and so the big snowcapped mountains and then I stayed there for a month? I worked with the Ski Club Club. And we organized against challenge inge. Okay and just for some further background. Christoph is one of the founders and supporters of the Bamiyan Ski Club and the idea behind the club is. What's the club doing in by me on we are basically Young people from surrounding villages is to spend their free time in winter when they don't have school to learn some new activities into her funding was now and we need to know a little bit about Balmy on. How many meters high is this area? There's a lot of mountains so gunmen lies. One two thousand five hundred meters that's valley and when we go skiing we start in two thousand eight hundred meters high and we go from there We have to say also that there are no lifts so we start down we walk up and then we see them. Some good exercise besides Kristof. Untamed borders is also one of the supporters of the Bamiyan Ski Club and and when you went to Afghanistan in February of two thousand sixteen you also became part of the untamed border steam and you guided several travelers who came to Afghanistan for the ski challenge at that time. Tell me a little bit about working with untamed borders and guiding in travelers. Who are coming to bomb young to participate in the Ski Challenge? I actually got quite a lot of interesting people to ski here And some of them are very well traveled. Some of them are good skiers. It's rarely the whole package. One person But they're always always surprised and amazed by mountains here and I everyone has so far on. I've been here his really enjoyed. There's a

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