Cowboys render coin toss mix-up moot, throttle Rams 44-21


The Dallas Cowboys snapped a three game losing streak as they defeated the LA rams forty four twenty one to stay even with the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFC east while the rand's dropped eight and six are now on the verge of policies elimination the cowboys offense was spearheaded by Ezekiel Elliott who ran for a hundred seventeen yards and two touchdowns Tony Pilar also ran for a hundred thirty one yards that Prescott threw for two hundred twelve yards and touchdowns talked about all we we just need to get a when I change things and we can build from there but it obviously started started on getting a win and tonight we just play compliment football some that we had done and I've talked to talk about it this week about helping each other out having each other's back and that's what you saw the cowboys scored thirty unanswered points to put the game away Bob Stevens Arlington Texas

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