How Labour’s Working-Class Vote Crumbled and Its Nemesis Won the North


To the heart before we talk about why Boris one I want to talk about why labor lost and I have a producer you may not have met and his name is Dwayne he doesn't show up very much and when when they came in to celebrate about five minutes before the show in the he pulled out of his hat just randomly eight quote of Alan Johnson and if you're watching the universe you can watch this she's the former labour home secretary right he's a playwright any ads on stage with them the founder of the momentum nightmare that is the party within the party and here is what Alan Johnson old labor it let the way that we talk about all Democrats like JFK and Sam Nunn old labor talking to court and I cut number twenty one live in London I live in Yorkshire I live in a working class community not until somebody is Joe's been around enough from the panel like dice and I'm afraid the working classes of always been a big disappointment for John and his calls it was a disaster on the doorstep everyone knew that he couldn't leave the working class out of a paper bag now Jones developed this momentum group this party with an apology aiming to keep the purity the culture of the trial because all you hear it now more more of an expert isis these this call to get their act together women on the policy I want to mention go go back to student politics in the little in a left wing that isn't realistic you gonna happen we'll see what I'm saying yeah yeah so I went off to it thanks exit polls row the most disastrous results for the Labour Party the worst result since nineteen thirty five people like at Johnny's house will never admit this but they are they have messed up completely any sound communities that are going to pay for that I feel really angry about this but we persevered with Corbin for this kind of experiment of back to the future John let me ask it learned that he's saying you've poisoned my party you've killed that dad do you hear the anger in in Sir Alan Johnson's voice yes Sir Alan and I'm from Yorkshire you hear that right he talks Yorkshire to I can't do it but my wife could that really well it's close to Lancashire which you can also talk and their side by side of course they were the big opponents in the war of the roses but he did so he's a Yorkshireman right and that's up in the north and it and that's a different kind of thing than being in London and so that's right that's a there's a I'm struggling for a word because I understand politics to be a very comprehensive thing that comprehensive and include that involves the social with those call this a social thing right they're people who live their lives in very different ways in Britain and those those people in the in the provinces the space see anywhere there was coal mining were the heart of the labor party and that's gone for them now in this election and and so he's better can they rebuilt the and we Hey we do need a two party system they're in here but I am struck by the parallels of the resistance and the never trump purrs banding together to poison the Democratic Party and resulting in an impeachment fiasco like we saw yesterday and the carbonates banding together with the remain Tories kill politics said yep that yep Jimmy Hoffa there's a good movie out about now called the Irishman and and if you just watch his career read about him are watching a good film about him what he was talking to a bunch of truckers and he was saying we need more staff this is not fair right working people people who work by the mile lease truckers right and and that's one kind of thing a see in this country and Jeremy Corbyn and in that country whole different kinds of clay political theory turned into a political fight

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