Latest Apple results show hardware is still king

The Tech Guy


Apple had great results quarterly results always good for the fourth quarter fourth calendar quarter first quarter of apples fiscal year. Big Number though that and this is the number number apple likes to talk about how many people using their devices one and a half billion active apple devices MACs ipads but mostly iphones eighty percent of them eighty percent of iphones and ipads running the latest. IOS Thirteen. That's a really good number one point. Five billion million active devices probably a billion of those or iphones. Yell which Pitch Helps Apple Pay the one point one billion dollar fine or court. I guess it's a court order court decision to you pay for patent infringement. They bought chips from broadcom broadcom. Apparently according to the courts Infringed orange the patent of the California Institute of Technology Caltech. They had the WIFI patterns. The jury said Apple You pay one hundred eight hundred thirty seven million dollars to Caltech broadcom. You hit them you pay them. Two hundred seventy million dollars. That will build a pretty Nice Library there and the campus. The Job Caltech Apple can afford it. Of course they can cost them nothing

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