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And that's what you're doing going to North Korea and looking at I mean starving North Koreans and give me a free because I was forty eight of the Boeing democracy but your man so in so many pathways is so messed up and I just. I can't even describe. I think a lot of people do not have have the bad intention to go. They are just so genuinely nightly leave that they can change people's minds and this is a benefit in some way but that is so show not and actually the socially destructive behavior in the movement of Liberty North Korean. And Yeah it is so sad how sometimes people are so naive that way and I wanted to ask because this is similar but a little bit different that that cryptocurrency researcher I mentioned before his Griffith he had permission from the North Korean government to give a talk at this this conference in Pyongyang on blockchain technology. So knowing what you know about how the Kim regime works how they interact or how they allow allow interactions with foreigners who sings audience would have been. Who would have benefited from

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