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We should probably move to the next auto okay so my next one is exploring golden gate park which talked about. We talked about Cal Academy we talked about the Bison. It's huge Golden Gate Park. We already said it's bigger than Central Park. It's it stretches all the way from Like the Haight Ashbury neighborhood which you've probably heard of because hippies to the ocean is enormous and you could just spend all day walking through it biking through it like you'll probably come come across lake some cool hippies that have been there since the sixties you'll probably come across like random other museums the museum there which is really awesome and it's just gorgeous. There's a beautiful Japanese garden in the middle of their and you just feel like you stepped into Japan. There's just so much to do in there. You could spend days just getting lost in there and then while you're on that side of the city my other one that I really love in that area is called the batteries to bluffs trail so this is one of my favorite places to view the Golden Gate Bridge. Because you've always he's got to look at it right like you can't come to San Francisco and not take a bunch of bridge southeast but if you go to like the touristy bridge spot there's just a bunch of tourists and a parking lot and it's just like not the best so head up the road a little bit. And you'RE GONNA go into the presidio which is like this beautiful national not national. It's a state park but anyway it's just like park area around the Golden Gate Bridge and and there's this trail that runs from these old historic batteries. All the way down to the ocean and at the bottom of the ocean when you get to the end of the trail is a nude beach which is just a fun little San Francisco experience. You know you can't really you can't say you've been a San Francisco if you didn't see some deck it's not directly at the bottom of the stairs. You gotta you gotTa wonder around the bottom bottom of the stairs and five feet. I believe this is also where burning man was started right. Yeah Yeah so But that's definitely the best place to see the Golden Gate Bridge and it's just a beautiful. It's like one mile trail and it's just it's lovely highly. Recommend what are your favorite. Must Do's so mine are a few minor pretty seasonal the first one which okay. I'm way too old to party anymore. I got that all out in the twenty s but I will say that one of the best parties by far is Beta breakers which happens in the spring and it's a marathon that starts at the bay so on the eastern side of the city and it goes goes down market street and down Hayes all the way over to the ocean on the other side and just making this sound exhausting. It's a marathon but that's not at all it matters. No that's like that's like like what it is on the surface but really what it is is everybody follows the marathon runners and just parties through the city. Everyone gets in crazy costumes costumes and everybody tries to hide alcohol because like officially you can't have alcohol but everyone is drunk and UC super interesting costumes. And it's all like these group costumes. Our favorite one was a group dressed as the Jurassic Park ride. They even had a tyrannosaurus rags and he would like come pop up and they would all be like Has a little yellow strap. said they would like get into order. It was super cute. I just love how you're doing. Like rollercoaster moves right now which nobody nobody can see. Because it's a podcast. While I was doing rollercoaster moves anyway. It's a huge part of. There's so many like house parties that you pass along the route to. It's just so much fun. My first week week that I was in San Francisco was Beta breakers and I live on the route and my roommates just woke me up with a pin gwyn costume a shot and a PBR. And he was like it's it's Beta breakers will explain later. Don't let anyone use our bathroom which you did not follow. No I did follow it but the year before they didn't they let one person in the bathroom and then they got finished getting ready and they walked out and there was like a line of twenty people in the living room. Those informative dead. Yeah but it's Super Fun Even if you're not a big drinker last time we were there we were sober and we still had a lot of fun. You do have to be comfortable with naked people because like we said it is legal here in nudity is just part of Beta breakers and and you just you gotta learn to live with that. You're in San Francisco. We usually start like a bet that is boobs buts or Dick's game which twins we're GonNa see the most of and we keep a running tally which I've realized that's always win. It covers their but but they're like oh but frying fall hanging out now but they're always out it's always win running out scalise. That's always my other must do. My other recommendation is a picnic and Dolores Park fellow. I'm hoping we cut that out now. We're not cutting it out. Dolores Park is a park between the mission and the Castro throw. It is one of the most beautiful views and it's always got the best weather and it's real easy to spot because everyone is going. They're not even. I'm just on a weekend weekdays two. It's always filled with people drinking becoming like nobody in San Francisco has job. Apparently everyone brings their dogs. Everyone ruined brings like some elaborate game. I remember seeing giant beer pong where they had like the rubbermaid trash cans instead of Red Solo Cup. That's amazing and they use a beach ball. I I may actually be able to do that. I'm pretty good at that. There's also a Guy Michael also known as the room coconut guy. He's got long dreads and he just walks around with bag of Michetti and a cooler and he'll just pull a coconut out and offer you like a coconut and then he'll hack it up and then pour rum and and if you want. There's the girl with the Swiss Miss Outfit with edibles. Yeah she's got edibles of all kinds like and they're all serial based so it's like I really like fruit. I really like APPLEJACK applejack so I wanted to have an apple. Jacks edible and no like weed is legal in California but this has been going on since longtime ago way before it was actually legal legal. But they're still they're like they don't care anytime somebody and Dolores Park walks up and like offers you something just you know by it. It's probably fine but also assume it's got weeded. There's even an app you can find your friends in Dolores. Park dislike most San Francisco APP that I've ever heard of this is called Dullsville another thing that I always say to do and again this is only half the year but you have to go to a giants game Oracle Park is beautiful eighteen. At and T.. Sorry I know it used to be used to be packed bill. No that's too old. Yeah so it's one of the most actually is the most beautiful park in the country. Ballpark I mean. Is that just like you saying that or no. That was the Major League Baseball Association. Okay they have a ton of great food. Because because it's San Francisco. We have the best food. Don't add me but got really good. Food are like garlic. Fries are seem so good. Our team used to be good. Wow how I don't think a lot to be fan if you say that no years. That hasn't been even years have been the case since two thousand fourteen go is all right. I I live in Oakland all right. There's also really good drink. Drink options Gear Deli has like salted caramel hot chocolate thousand. That was what I was GONNA say him. Go see a game but it does get freezing if it's a night game or blazing hot if it's a day game. Yeah because there's a lot of sun exposure and you also get really like moist like if you're still at the park nine pm. No it's true like moist because the fog rolls in the fog rolls in and you you just realize you're just soaking wet. Even though it's not raining in theory and then Siegel start like circling overhead. And you just Kinda round like ten. PM You just. I just feel like you're in like the birds you got out of there. If you've ever been no baseball game you know that around the seven and seventh innings. Stretch your thinking. Oh they're up by a few points. The game might might turn. But you also know that there's very few dramatic endings to baseball games. So I will say that if you get to that point and you realize the game's GonNa go one way. Just go just go. It's impossible supposed to get on the first train home. You're going to be there. You'RE GONNA be out until midnight. My fourth thing is to see a show now that a few things so it can mean a concert a play it could mean drag show There's tons of news where this is possible. There's a lot more independent places like Bottom of the hill is a smaller caller venue. But it's really famous because a lot of now famous people have played there. The mission has a ton of different venues. Protrero Hill has a lot. The tenderloin has a lot so you can just find like either a small or a large one and most days of the week. There's either GonNa be a concert a drag show or play so the orpheum and The Act Theater have off Broadway shows so we just saw Hamilton there all right. We're not going to talk about that. I didn't hate it I just anyway. We're GONNA just things a lot for putting me on blast on our podcast. Our favorite drag show is coming up next month. We've been seeing it for the last few years. It's it's a buffy. The vampire slayer drags really take a whole season of buffy and they make it into the most amazing epic drag show like there's like special effects initial. Yeah it's ridiculously good like the production quality is like I was blown away my last thing and again. This is seasonal. Because it's usually just hot weather and you have a ton of options here but go to a festival there are music festivals such as hardly strictly Bluegrass side land outside lands exactly but there's also tons of like street fairs like the how Weird Festival kicks off the festival season in April. The Pride Festival is huge. which obviously there's the FOLSOM street festival? which if you're in the city in September Selassie Sunday September so fulsome is the leather festival? We're done kink. Not just like you know cowboys cowboys cowboys. But we're talking about like kink leather. which is awesome? If you're into that is a little jarring if you're just here with your your family and you didn't have that discussion beforehand. Maybe So you just you know just know if you're coming in to check if you're coming during FOLSOM street fair. It's.

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