Spotify will use everything it knows about you to target podcast ads


This week. spotify launched a new advertising service called streaming ad insertion or Sai for short essay. I use customer data to target ads ads within its exclusive podcasts in a company blog post VP and head of global advertising business. Jay Richman said that this service is quote taking formats traditionally personally have been more of a static experience and making it a more personalized and attractive. One end quote that said in a story for the verge Ashleigh Carmen explains that while spotify's new technology algae breaks ground in the industry it also puts consumer privacy at risk quote. PODCASTS are sensitive listening data. The topics can be niche and revealing so users rightly might have privacy concerns about how what they consume. We'll be siphoned back into brands and quote says Carmen when Richmond was asked about these issues he responded that consumers members can opt out of data targeting. If you want more information on this topic head to the snacks daily podcast hosts Nick and Jack share some information about how the strategic added insertion will appear in your listening experience. You can find this information in there. Episode titled These Delivery Apps are like Mafia

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