Vikes' Rudolph's gloves to benefit charity after all


Me so some sleaze ball call for the fighting saints was he in the Viking's locker room after the win goes up to it media credentialed media member who has not been identified yet I hope he is goes up to Kyle Rudolph after the game and ask Kyle Rudolph can I have the gloves that you wore when you call to touchdown pass I've got a charity auction coming up and this could help us raise money for the charity so Kyle Rudolph is one of the Walter Payton man of the year nominees he is a guy who has done tremendous work children's hospital out Minneapolis he's got a whole wing with his donated money that he was able to put together I saw a piece on was the S. P. and T. sixty that just shows how he develops his relationship with sick kids the guy is as good of a guide you can find in the NFL these all these all the great things that go on in the NFL like a the prime example of that so you would think there's a nice moment frames got his gloves whatever some guy comes up to an aspen for gloves and go short for the charity I would actually do that because all you can sign for you to sign the gloves gives the gloves to this guy he doesn't recognize his media members not someone covered the team every single week button given the gloves next thing you know he's alerted that these gloves are on eBay so dissed sleaze ball jerk face loser goes in there takes the gloves from one of the best guys in the NFL all eyes to his face about them going to a charity and then put them up on eBay well maybe get more money on eBay for the auction for the charity now now it's not only John he pocketed that mon all right it is there's no doubt about who would definitely say that this guy is on the hamster wheel of **** fall yeah without a doubt without question he might be the wheel itself yeah so I I really there's a good end of the story some Vikings fan in New Jersey bought the gloves and said that he's now going to buy something with all St find out who this guy is that sold a lot

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