UF 357: Bryce Mitchell & Paige VanZant - burst 10


You off. You WanNa see me. I'm on the degenerates on Netflix. On forever all loved Jimmy. Catch me thank you matt. Catch me in Boston. April fourth foxwoods in Connecticut April. Thirty two gigs. They're They're probably both sell out. So if you WANNA come get tickets go to Jim. Norton Dot Com. You can catch me on the Jim. Sam Show Wednesday Jim and Sam Roberts Show Right Jim Norton. What's it called officially Jim Norton Right is Jimmy? I can't wait to be on that. Show what you guys we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have fun. Yes people do you want me sober. No okay all right. Everybody listened cell by the way guys savage shirts. I know you're asking they are people. I A fucking spend a couple of grand. got a whole bunch of 'em Comoro Lad Comoro buckle

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