Why won't NFL teams hire minority coaches?


Three head. Coaching spots have been filled this week. But none of those. Three coaches were minorities while the Rooney rule has been followed. Some are beginning to believe that minority forty candidates are not being taken seriously for the open jobs and anonymous African American. NFL Assistant Coach said that the League has quote finally shown. It's not the place as for black men to advance. It's ridiculous it's disgusting. We can sell tickets and make plays but we can't lead Shannon. Why isn't the Rooney rule role working? Well I think until skip this diversity thing yeah. Diversity is a great great to talk about but until you get someone the leadership position that says you know what. I don't just want to talk about it. I want to be about it so until you get older ships that actually wants to put some substance to this and this is what that you're GonNa get now if the general manager there's one general manager that's what minority and that's CR- Chris greer in Miami. There's zero owners that are it shouldn't say minorities. I guess because shot con radically a minority. But when you get the gist of what I what. I'm trying to say until leadership gets more diverse. You're I'm not gonNA have a more diverse hiring background skills. This was puzzling to be. Is that Eric. Enemy has the exact Zac job that Matt Nagy had negative and call plays any recall. Please man they can get the job. Doug Peterson sedinko plays true. Recall to play around Rivera's on but Ron Rivera was not the defensive coordinator in Philly. He he became a D. coordinator what's he got to the D. Coordinator in Chicago. You are you in San Diego. Yeah but he got his getting these enter coaching tree. Eric B enemy has the exact same job. That Matt Nagy Doug Peterson has and he's not getting opportunity is spirit but this. I don't really think that they go into it. Unless you incentivize this. Okay if you how minorities kill we maybe you have an extra three to five five dollars and cap space. That's the only thing that resonates with these owners because I get it skipped if I spent three billion. Let's just say I spent three billion dollars for a restaurant run. You Go tell me what the hell I need to cook. Cook whatever I WanNa Cook it there. And that's how they look at it. Jerry Jones spent money for this. This this mind you oh tell me why should get killed but but this notion that Oh and they brought Muhiba Marvin Marvin Lewis. He brought him in to to do that. Situation wasted the same with the giants the giants they had irebi enemy. They what Joe Judge Chris Rashard Rashard. Excuse me Chris Restoring. Yeah so now. Now we're down to one. Vacant Cleveland Reunion. I'm talking about how good already know. Angle get no frills JAYCO network skill. He already interviewed there. So you would now now the take my name off the leader and solid rubber solid. Take my name off the list. Because he's GonNa get Mad Max two and a half years if you're lucky that seems to instead that's all Jimmy can stomach now if you look at it they keep these. You look at Mike Patton. You look at all the guys they've had and these guys have had I think. Hugh Jackson stayed the longest at two and a half years. But everybody's been two years the list huge only two and a half two and a half long but you get you get these other guys you get pretty kitchens and you look at patent and you look at a I forget. Just give all these one year jazz. WE ACHE AAC CLEVELAND. That in Cleveland of the North this skill ruining rules a joke. I get it. You know minorities Cadillac. An affirmative action thanksgiving. Yeah but in -firmative action. I guess it's federal dollars. You'RE NOT GONNA get the money if you don't do this. The NFL is a is a private entity. So what can you do. What Ki- what can you give? Nfl Do not the so. I have been tracking this for a long time because one of my best friends is John. Wooten who is now the retired leader of the Fritz Pollard. Alliance and he was the driving force behind instituting the Rooney rule as I hiring practice in the national shirow all league and John's point from the start was I just need interviews because if a young assistant coach gets interviewed a couple of times times it gets reported in his name gets out there and if another owner sees that name enough over maybe a couple of years hiring cycles else maybe an owner says chee that guy. He's getting a lot of interviews. Maybe I should bring in. Maybe I should be more open minded to him. But if you're GONNA curse because if I get a a lot of interviews and I'm not getting hired was wrong why here the me getting hired cave liability with that. But John's point in the end was I'd rather have interviews than not have interests. Okay okay so let's go back to the stat that I use last week. The Institute of Diversity and Ethics In sports twenty nine thousand nine racial and gender report card for the National Football Bali. The League got actually an a plus for hiring of color. Assistant coaches right a sit a plot. Oh that's progress right. It got a deep loss for hiring head coach of Color White eight-plus assistance d-plus head head coaches. There's a big disconnect there and it shows you. That owners are fine. Oh hire two or three black assistant fine with that but nope nope. I don't want to head coach to be black. Right gives quite to the restaurant you can cook. You'll be in the bank but Michelle not the bridge. I roll up now okay so when I texted back and forth last we can use this last week of John Wooten just beside himself now. He is devastated by this this development his point was that only one. GM Chris Grin Miami. Point out is use. John's word heartbreaking because it could start with the GM right a black GM of or of color could be more open minded to say to the owner. Hey listen this guy is really bring him in. Let me let me introduce him to you right. The conduit to the owner can be stronger. Iran have I don't know six or eight black. GM right right. We've had them around the league four or but all of a sudden there's a dearth to rape Barma with Barma within Cleveland. He'd Gone Rick Smith who I know very well be in Denver. He interviewed for The Washington. Ashington John Daniel Snyder said head coach could be a head coach. Basically general manager after the Washington like who are the head coaching after the draft. The General Mattis. Okay so sometimes there is group think or shink sheep among the owners because in the end they do want to win right. And if they're looking around the League league and that black head coaches really successful they say well I want one of those. I want to go that direction right well. There was one black head coach who started to have success late in the year ear and he happened to be allied with Chris. Clear in Miami and Brian Floors off the Patriots. Well they started out all time badge for about what seven seven games fifty. Nine seven opening renders and then they basically it felt like they turned the whole roster iside down which they needed to do and then all of a sudden the last nine games they go five and four they upset the eagles and then they went to foxborough and just basically ended the season. I thought for the new New England Patriots playoff teams right. Okay so all the sudden Brian floor floor with the help of Chris greer. They're having big success. It looks like it's headed in the right drug us us but it wasn't enough of a splash to create momentum through the hiring process and right because John Wooden again texted me back with so many names he said we have so many in the pipeline. Who already started with Eric? B Enemy and Chris Rock. I think Chris Shaw Bad Year on defense but when I watch him interviewed when I watch his body language. It's a stunt man he's he's got. CEO Written all over him. He looks like a commanding officer to me. There's not enough black head coaches skip. Because because you look you look at Mike McCarthy guest job he hires the guy that gave him his opportunity coordinator fifteen years ago so you see the circle. We'll skip once you become a head coach. What do you do you go to the combine? You go to say elbow you got your drake. He goes to the coaches meeting and Yada Yada Yada and to connect with the boom boom boom right right. So if I'm not in that Lou. How do I get into loops? Because a rid of staff they said eighty percent of the jobs are never posted so in other worth people get hired somebody a friend or family member is not what you know who you know There in live the roof. It does house so to finish John. Bruton's list of pipeline candidates being AMEE. Chris Rashard Robert Sala. He threw Jim Caldwell on his list. Is Jim Colwell was highly successful zestful. Jim called wheel lost his jaw. Going nine and seven in two years Matt Patricia has nine total win and he's still got a job now he goldwell still doesn't have another job he in four years. He went to the playoffs twice in the last year he went nine and seven and they said well you know we need to move in a different direction. uh-huh and the guy that's replaced has yet to win nine total games in two years. Do you still own a still on the clock. Okay Steve wilks got one shot in time. I'm one year in Arizona and he was gone. He's now the defensive coordinator in Cleveland which probably didn't help his cause this year that much but I don't hear his name no in Cleveland right right on the list. And then there's Terrel Austin who's young stripes potential star coach and John Wootton into his list with Marvin Lewis who he thinks deserves a second shy right. Okay so Jerry. Jones did observe in qualified for the Rooney rule by bringing in. I Marvin Lewis. I think Jerry was shrewd operating waiting there. Because he didn't pick a young like like Chris Rashard type interview him because of Jerry had interviewed a young potential upcoming head. Black coach right. There's more pressure on Jerry. What was wrong with right? What's the problem exactly? He went to Marvin Lewis because he thinks Marvin Lewis is kind of old news right right. He got his longtime time shot in Cincinnati. Listen I still think Marvin did a good job job seriously. Yes okay he went. Oh and seven in the playoffs but still it was Andy Dalton Alton you re you with covering the NFL and you remember what Cincinnati before. Marlene got there was John. Carter number one overall. You Got David Cleland with the fourth. The fourth picket. You got big day to day and Wilkerson purse around the second pick in the draft year after year after a year people. Forget what I know. Marvin didn't win a playoff game. But they weren't even getting close to the playoffs for Marvin got there. No so I was disappointed in Jerry because you know my heart Hartz. I'd love to see Jerry Jones higher black head coach and I think I probably won't live long enough or Jerry will live long enough to know.

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