Steven Spielberg takes on West Side Story


Are you what are you working on next? I know that there's a Yoko Ono John Lennon project and a BG's project possibly where are you on those two the titles yet You I know that they're both set up once with the Jesus with paramount Being produced at least by Steven Spielberg and The John Lennon Yoko sit up universal and John Mark Ballet Dude Dallas buyers club. Very much yes yes Yeah he's he's he's down to direct So hoping to shoot that next year and I'm doing a musical on Broadway of Neil Diamond Neil sweet caroline diamond. Wow so I go from here to get into workshop on that So we're hoping to bring that to Broadway is other non musical things kicking around that. You're working on. Yeah I'm doing the adaptation of three identical strangers which was Stunning documentary which My agent Coleman said would you be interested and I said look Chinese another job like a hole in the head And he's just check it out. What's the Steve? I was so blown away. By this documentary about three identical twins who reunited and and find triplets yet and they re triplets in and then they find that they're all pot of really nefarious study pretty and IT GETS Super Creepy I. It was a great movie. Yeah that's settled with With Sidney Kimmel entertainment and film four in the

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