Senate's McConnell eases marathon late-night impeachment schedule


Back to our top story the Senate impeachment trial of president Donald Trump they're all revisions as lawmakers debate the rules for the proceedings the first Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed to condense schedule that could have bled opening arguments into the middle of the night when the resolution was read into the record a change twenty four hours over up to three session days means eight hour days not twelve hour days another concessional out the house record to be admitted as evidence we're told the changes were made to satisfy senator Susan Collins and other Republicans who could sway the still unresolved question of witnesses Aron Kader ski ABC news Washington as the impeachment trial ramps up a poll is out and the polls suggest the most Americans do believe that the president abuse the powers of the presidency just over fifty percent of respondents in an N. P. R. P. B. S. newshour Marist poll released today say trump has encouraged election interference eighty eight percent of Democrats agree with that statement as well as fifty one percent of independents fifty six percent of respondents say they believe trump has not done much or has done nothing at all in an effort to stop interference in this year's presidential election while forty one percent said they believe the U. S. is not very prepared or not prepared at all to keep November's election

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