Aus Open Day 2 matches

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Petra Gisbert. Ah Against Somebody called Paolo Budusa. I've never heard of from Spain. I'm going to get some tweets about. How can I have never heard of a tennis player? When I present the Senate's podcast so our Party plays POLENTA Hertzog who I've heard of from Slovenia. That could be quite interesting. I'll be a stylish match coach. It was well Klickovic through some shades towards Hertzog. Today as she does say she she was supposed to be talking to kick in with innovation before their match journalist asked them what they were talking about and said well actually. We were talking about the schedule because we saw match match Melbourne arena. That we didn't think should be on there and it was hertzog against the pettersen which uh-huh that's excellent then after that it's Tatsumi Ito against Nova Jock itch We have Serena Williams Williams I in the night session against Tamara. The Dan sick and then in the final action sent on Rod Laver Arena. It is the federal federal. What about against Philip Crane of each of Serb who played a very long five center today? Naomi Asakusa playing against Sejong side there is that you know what probably match to the day. Caroline wozniacki against Diana's trump's agreed that I actually playing quite well sort of in the last six months. You said you. strums definitely sort of the the force of the narrative and the story with x factor. Giving him evens it out a a bit but I still think he's grown one very routinely yes. Today's she's definitely ready to fulfil the talent that you saw in her nine unsecured meant. You didn't feel it and then when that could have got some credibility out of it coca governance surrounding stat Stefan sits about favorite Kohlschreiber backhands. At Gogo over

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