The Salvation Army says it doesn't discriminate against LGBTQ people


The salvation army's pushing back against accusations it discriminates based on gender identity and sexual orientation almost Corwin hake reports a campaign against the charity has led to the displacement of a downtown Seattle bell ringer Christian charity has come under fire in recent years for anecdotes saying people in need have been refused services because of their sexual orientation The Seattle Times reports Nordstrom for the first time this year has declined to allow the salvation army bell ringer out front of its downtown Seattle store the salvation army says its position toward the LGBTQ community is evolving when I got here I felt welcome he has released a video shot in Seattle with testimonials from gay employees and clients the phrase of of telling people that nine days would last month trip to lay another organization trying to overcome an anti gay reputation announced it would no longer donate to the salvation army LGBTQ activists are calling on others to stop supporting the charity

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