The Gift Of Kindness

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As a young boy in Mechanicsville Virginia Nate Medina had a habit of disappearing nate and had a tendency to wander. He'd sneak out the back door. If you didn't keep an eye on him and he would would go onto people's front porches and if they had wind chimes he would just stand under their wind chimes and listen to the wind chimes chime. That's neat stat. It Kevin Metheny. Nate was always drawn to sound partly because he had William Syndrome is a genetic condition that involves developmental delays and heart problems and people with Williams Syndrome often have hyper-sensitive hearing at six years. Old Nate couldn't talk but he sang or hummed. Almost all the time one day nate seemed irritable. He couldn't use words to tell his parents what was wrong but clearly something was that evening. His parents looked at the couch. Innate wasn't humming in fact he wasn't moving his lips had turned blue. Nate Sister Caroline Caroline was nine years old at the time and remembers it clearly. I just got back home from my daycare after school and I was watching teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Dell's and like my parents started freaking out because they realized that he wasn't breathing and they were on the phone with nine one one nine nine one one was telling them how to do. CPR until they got there and my mom noticed shining. They're looking in fear so she shoved me into the office office to watch my show. Her parents rushed him to the hospital. As word about nate spread through town was at dinner at Applebee's with my family of five going through my facebook theme Tamra letter new. Nate's Mom Diane in Highschool Sa Diane Post a request for prayer. Nate's a heart had stopped and they were trying to revive him and we play store orders at our restaurant and my world continued on and her world completely stopped. Nate's parents always feared this day. Might come but they didn't expect it to happen so quickly. The local hospital tried to prep up nate to take a helicopter ambulance to you the A but they couldn't seem to stabilize him. And after just a few hours nate died. Nate's nate's older sister. Caitlin remember seeing their dad the next day for years. He'd give a nate his morning meds. He woke up really early. And he's like what do I do with my more makings. Yeah I just remember. Actually seeing him cry for the first time does looking desperate for what to do next three days later. Tamra that woman at Applebee's was at nights week thinking of his mother Diane. I felt the weight eight of that loss and it just felt so heavy. A wanted to help. But I didn't know how she mentioned this to another woman and as the two of them stood the next nate's casket. They formed a plan. They decided that for one year they would shower. Diane's family with anonymous acts of kindness and they'd recruit women in different corners of Diane's life to join them we created a facebook group. I chose five ladies and Michelle chose five ladies that was it. They called themselves the secret sisters. Each of the twelve women was assigned a month and for that what month they commit to three things. Pray for Nate's family every day since small gestures of love throughout the month and give one larger gift all anonymously. Nate's parents remember getting that first card signed from the secret. Sisters immediately began investigating the people were that looks like so and so's handwriting and thus began the stream of anonymous notes and gifts from the secret sisters stairs. Tamra says she and the others usually made deliveries under the cover of darkness. I was terrified that I would drive by their house and they would recognize my car. Are you know when was the last time you Ding Dong ditch. Somebody as a forty year old. It was always a joy getting ready to go out the door and all of a sudden. It's like Whoa. There's a there's basket on the front porch or there's something hidden in the mailbox or there's something out of my car. They were really creative. The family was given crafts. AFS Food and gift cards to movies and bowling alleys and restaurants things to distract them from their grief. It Touch Diane that these mysterious givers. I knew her son so well. For example Diane received one gift in particular that reflected nate's obsession with ladybugs. She opened the package edge to see a set of wind chimes. Just like the ones nate used to wander off to find. Small ladybugs dangled among the chimes. I just started crying. I mean it was joy mixed with grief. Nate was still being remembered. You would hear those chimes go off just about every day it seemed like and it was just a subtle reminder that that's something something they loved a year after nate's death. His family received a large stuffed envelope from the secret sisters. We're like Oh what's IT GONNA. It'll be now and It was a puzzle when they put the Jigsaw together. They saw an invitation to a picnic at the park. It was finally time to meet the secret. Sisters is the day of the party. The twelve women from different parts of Diane's life gathered nervously under a shelter are at the park waiting to finally reveal themselves then Diana and her family arrived they got out of their car and they scanned across and saw all of a standing there. It really wasn't overwhelming moment. We all pretty much were in tears. Then they reminisce together about a year that had turned from terrible sadness too deep deep joy it was the best thing that could come out of a horrible situation looking at all. The friends soon gathered Tamra saw that over one year a little idea had turned into something big. I realized that the seemingly small things that we do in life

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